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Heal Your Heart Chakra To Become More Compassionate

By Souls of Silver

Eastern practices refer to seven primary chakras in the body. They have asserted for thousands of years that one’s spiritual health helps in healing a person physically as well as mentally. Awareness of the origin and the subtle patterns of this process can help us see ourselves.

Tapping into the energy within us will help us reach our highest potential. To do that our mind, body, and spirit need to be in alignment. Our chakras can get wounded. To reach the heart chakra we must heal the other chakras first. This can be done by reducing the shadow of the heart chakra and by enhancing the gifts.

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The Shadow- Rejection

Rejection is the shadow of the heart chakra. It happens from both sides. Our heart rejects kindness just as much as our heart gets rejected. There is no reciprocation, no exchange of energy. The heart chakra gets drained.

One of us is constantly giving without reciprocation. It drives us to build walls around our hearts so that nothing comes in or nothing goes out. It prevents all things we hold dear from circulating- love, kindness or compassion. The only thing the heart remembers is pain.

The Gift- Compassion

Compassion is what allows us to build our being. When we share empathy, when we are sympathetic, we connect. Energies are transferred. This not only makes our hearts healthier but also others’. We feel others’ pain and we feel their joy too.

There is a sacrifice in this love and there is joy in that too. Our intentions are no longer selfish and the heart chakra thrives in this condition. It makes the world a better place.

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Practices In Healing

Receiving– The first step to healing your heart chakra is to break down the walls and start receiving. Our hearts need to be able to reach out to the others that are reaching out.

Breathing– Take a while every day to sit in isolation. Try to feel the suffering and pain of those around you. Feel their hearts with every lungful of air you breathe in and breathe out the compassion that you have. Let your heart chakra give its love and compassion.

Coherence– Sit in a group with every person taking their turn to sit in the center. Every time you are outside the center, try to hold your hands and form a circle- and then project your compassion towards the person in the center. The person in the center must try to receive those emotions at the same time.

Let your heart chakra be free. Do not stop giving. You can receive only when your heart is open.

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