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Negative People In Our Lives Teaches Us To Be Different From Them

By Souls of Silver

“I will love the light for it shows me the way, yet I will endure the darkness for it shows me the stars.” ― Augustine Mandino

We are the product of all our experiences right from the day we were born. And each day makes us go through trials and tribulations, but also joy and satisfaction. And thus we keep evolving each day. The good people have left as deep an imprint as have the negative people in our lives who brought nothing but grief. And both experiences have taught us something important. The negative people teach us what to avoid and desist from repeating.

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A Trial By Fire

Each one of us is in the pursuit of happiness and we look out for people who bring us good tidings. But we also learn from people who warn us, by their acts and deeds, not to be like them. A trial by fire strengthens one’s mettle. The blows of the hammer of life have tempered us. For those who have not encountered the company of the self-centered, remain the same – raw and without form. They have neither been through fire nor has the hammer touched them. The blows of the hammer in the fire, the encounters with the self-indulgent and the insidious, the devious and the duplicitous, they all hone us into sharp and bright objects for our roles in life. Finally, like the anvil, we become immune to the blows of the hammer and smile back.

Time To Move On

But once we have learned the lesson that a trial by fire teaches us, it is time to move on. Part ways with the negative people in your life who offer nothing but grief. Moving on gives us the solitude to contemplate the lessons we have learned from such encounters and work on ways to fortify ourselves against future slip-ups. A distant perspective opens up the true picture. Building unrealizable expectations only cause grief.

Recognize And Root Out The Undesirable

An important task is to recognize at first, the warning signs that you are in the company of undesirable and negative persons and root out their presence from your life. It is always profitable and preferable that we retain the company of those who make us a better person and let go of the negative people from our lives.

Whom To Avoid

Negative people in our livesA distant perspective allows us to pinpoint these persons. They are the types who give you attention only when it suits them, when they need you. They also judge you by your past and make you feel trapped and restricted. It is you who can decide what to do with your time and energy. Beware of the one who holds you back or guides you in the direction which suits them. Move away from negative people more out of respect for yourself than out of any hatred towards them.

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But even as you build a distance with such people, remember that each one has taught you a certain lesson. They have taught you to differentiate between what you should value and what brings only grief, what you should discard from your life. Each encounter with the negative should teach you to fortify your values and help you to move away from darkness towards light.

So, every kind of human being is necessary for our lives.

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