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5 Signs Of A Leader With A Distressed Soul

By Souls of Silver

Leadership skills are important, whether you are the monitor or teacher of a class or you are just starting your own business. Both of these may seem disparate but the reality is that both of these need you to lead from the front. Trust is an intrinsic part of leadership. Unless you can instill trust and respect, your team members will seldom respect your or your skills. But when you are dealing with internal problems, your distressed soul will have a major impact on your work life. It is important to identify the signs of a distressed soul and learn how to overcome them. Here are 5 signs indicating that your wounded soul and this could severely hinder your leadership skills:

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1. Loathing

Are you nursing strong, unrelenting resentment towards someone? For this would lead to a distressed leader. Bitterness and loathing arise from unprocessed emotions which will leave a mark on your future endeavors. Holding on to anger maintains a link between the one who hurter and the hurtee which can be damaging. Also, simple everyday workplace problems like being refused due credit or wrongful blames being put on you could result in loathing. Overcoming these small issues is crucial as only through overcoming them you will be able to redefine your leadership skills.

2. Heartlessness 

Past incidents which leave deep and negative impact tend to turn you heartless and unforgiving. As you refuse to give up past hurts, the effectiveness of your leadership will eventually suffer, diminishing your positive impact on others. Forgiving people can be difficult but it is the best thing to do to. Just focus on the future.

3. Scorn

Scorn is an often used tactic of a wounded, distressed leader, one who uses it to belittle his colleagues, in order to feel better about himself/ herself. You should examine your inner feelings and motivations and be the leader who builds up the team members instead of putting them down. Next time you catch yourself being scornful; remember to control the inner negativity in order to enforce positivity around you.

4. Cynicism

A leader should not turn into a naysayer. When someone comes with an idea you do not particularly like, try to use constructive criticism. Under stressful situations, it may not always be possible to focus only on the positives but a leader must learn to keep encouraging the team members. Criticism and questioning is an important part of leadership repertoire. But your cynicism highlights your personal underlying issues which must be dealt with carefully or else you would be a distressed leader,

5. Detachment

Detached leaders often resign mentally and drive their successful teams into the ground. They have been hurt to the point of giving up. Like the rest of the signs mentioned above, detachment is also contagious. Team members are quick to catch on with their leader creating an unhealthy work environment for all. Detachment from work will only create more trouble. So practice empathy and your leadership skills are bound to prosper and in turn, you will witness progress in work and your soul will derive satisfaction from the same.

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Past traumas may have deeply scarred your soul but it is important to identify and work on healing them. Practice positive reinforcement. Give your distressed soul the time it needs but be mindful of the negative impact it can have on you and most importantly on those around you.

If you know a distressed leader, or are one yourself, then please do read, share, and spread the word.




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