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Strawberry Full Moon In Sagittarius: Resolve The Conflicts Within

By Souls of Silver

The Full Moon of June 17th will reveal itself in the constellation of Sagittarius. It will be sitting just a few degrees from the center of the Galaxy. The proximity of the Full Moon to the beautiful Galactic Center will elevate the energy and amplify it. The frequency at which our planet vibrates will also be raised.

This shift in the frequency of the planet that we call home is going to shower us with opportunities to shift our own frequencies. Our vibrations will have their chance to be heightened into a new realm, a higher realm. It is going to enable us to search the vastness of our creative imagination.

We are all blessed with gifts from the benevolent universe, and this Full Moon is presenting us with the power to unlock this potential, this wisdom which resides in us already.

The puzzle that is life is presented to us with all the tools we need to solve it. The Full Moon is the intermediary for us to access that wisdom and remind us of everything.

The Energy Encompassing Us

Our beings do not require fixing, we do not require healing. All we need and want is love. We must spend time to nurture our souls and love ourselves for who we are.

This energy is creative, dreamy, intuitive, and beautiful. The Full Moon radiates this energy, just beaming it onto our existence. But keep in mind, there is a fiery property to all of this as well.

All the energies which have a presence in the cosmos will be contributors to this magical energy.

We must ascend from the obscurity we surround ourselves with, we must rise above the walls which we have formed around ourselves. Stepping into a place which is authentic, a place which lets us be who we truly are.

Revealing Our True Selves

The root of the soul is where the wisdom finds its power. We must find ourselves to uncover the masks that we have. We must find the liberty we crave and learn to love ourselves, be true to our own selves. There is no want for more blame and shame in the world, there is plenty of it floating around anyway. But speaking our own truth is important.

The fieriness of the Full Moon is going to compel us to speak with new confidence. It will light that spark inside us which we do need to face all that life throws at us and still we need to stand for the truth.

Fear ruins everything, including our own lives. Things cannot be put off any longer, our life, our living cannot wait. We must grab the zeal of life by its collar and shake it dizzy to accrue the best life that we deserve.

Dimming our very own light is not an option, shrinking down is not an option, avoiding being seen is not an option. Shine bright! Spread out! Make yourself heard and seen, loud and clear!

We are the creators of own destiny and we are in control. The potential and power are ours. We can hit the mark, but only if we truly understand and have confidence in the direction in which the breeze blows.

Set the target, take aim, then trust the flow, such is life. This intrinsic process calls out to us, to take hold of our lives.

What is the one thing which can make your life move in the direction that you want? Why don’t you have it? These are the questions which you must use ask your arrows to lead you towards your target.

Letting Go

The Full Moons are considered as points of letting go, so if there is something you must let go of, this is the time. We are being given a chance to ready ourselves. Look out for every indication which is enabling you to look into the future.

You might want to meditate, do rituals, and write a journal to document your beautiful spiritual journey. Peel back everything which is hiding the truth from you. Give your intuition and dreams a chance to show you the way.

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The enchanting Sagittarius Full Moon in June will prove to be the very best of this season and you will definitely reach another realm. But only if you let it guide you and accept life as it comes.

What do you think you will do next?

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