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8 Ways To Use The Potent Full Moon Energy In Your Favor

By Souls of Silver

The energy coming from the Full Moon is mostly positive. It is potent and will bring about major revelations in your life. However, the lunar energy is known to interact with our emotions. It tends to take our emotional state a notch up. Our emotions will get highly intensified when the Full Moon period sets in and we might end up getting at the end of one extreme. If you are feeling sad, you will feel distressed as if the world is coming to an end. If you were already happy, you will end up feeling so ecstatic as if you were announced the king of the world. It’s clear that you need a little bit of emotional tuning during the Full Moon.

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Here are some of the ways in which you can use the Full Moon’s energy in your favor:

1. Set on an intent. Do not go just with the flow of things – settle on something.

2. Send out positive energy to others. When you are at your best state, share it – send out the thoughts.

3. Staying calm during these stages is important. So, meditate again and again. You can meditate in a group and alone in your room too.

4. Be imaginative. Let your creative juices flow within you.

5. Positivity is of the essence during this period. So, keep a positive mindset and you will see how it will keep growing.

6. Don’t push people to engage in an argument with you. Try to avoid any kind of situation that will end up in quarrels and fights.

7. Don’t meddle with negative things that will bring you down. And don’t get affected by small things either. Let positivity rule your mind.

8. Be in control. Don’t let the energy take over what you do – you should be in control of everything.

Use these tips for two days before the Full Moon and use it two days after the Full Moon for the best results.

Do not let this energy make you too nervous about anything. Nervousness ends up becoming negative. Use the tips to get the most out of this Full Moon.

Have a great Full Moon!

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