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The Solar Eclipse Of August-What It Has In Store For These 4 Zodiacs

By Souls of Silver

The series of ongoing eclipses since July has been unleashing some hard energies into our lives. Add to this, the opening of the Lionsgate Portal in early August and the solar eclipse of August 11, 2018.

Admit it or not, all of us are feeling a deep churning inside. There is restlessness and Deja vues and desires to start over. But, this solar eclipse, partial as it is, will not in all likelihood impact all in the same way. For the zodiacs directly in conjunction with the Sun in eclipse, the effect is going to be more intense.

So, with the Sun stationed at Leo and aligned at 14 to 24 degrees to the fixed signs of Scorpio, Taurus and Aquarius, these four signs are most likely to face the strongest upheavals in themselves.

Time To Reflect

People born under the fixed signs are known for their stubborn nature and are less open to differences of opinion. Even while their determination tends to come to their rescue, the joint effect of the retrograde motion of Mercury and the eclipse are enough to derail all your efforts to get things going your way.

Make a new start, set your fresh goals but use this time for reflection and planning. Sitting idle is the last thing fixed zodiacs tend to do, but it is the time to surrender to the force of the universe for once.

Take care to sort out issues from the past that the retrograde will inevitably be bringing back. For your goals to be set in motion, it is best to wait till September, for the eclipse helps you take the leap but is not the time to act on new beginnings.

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With the Sun undergoing partial eclipse at 18 degrees 42 minutes in the House of your zodiac, it is needless to say, you are the ones most susceptible to whatever energies the eclipse is throwing around.

But you are not new to this conflict; you have been in its throes since this cycle of eclipses began two years back. Your identity crisis has been reaching peaks for some time now. But the good news is that this eclipse is the second last of the ones wrecking you this bad.

The complete lunar eclipse on January 21, 2019, will bring an end to this emotional cycle in your life, but you will be given a chance to complete what you begin this solar eclipse. However, it is unlikely that things will head for the better unless you choose to

reinvent yourself and your priorities.

The key is to achieve a balance, between the individual and social. Do not let everybody else take control over your life but take care not to isolate yourself into a shell.


You are probably at the receiving end of the agony since last summer, but know that the bad days are going to end soon. This crisis you are facing is not without reason; consider it a period of learning.

The solar eclipse on August 11 passing through your 10th house, brings with it lucrative opportunities and pleasant surprises. It may be a new job or the chance to take the lead.

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If you do not learn to let go now, this eclipse is only going to increase your distress. This solar eclipse will create strong urges to move ahead with your plans to make new starts on the personal or the professional front.

But trust me, it is a delusion, for this is not the time conducive for things to get going. Make your plans by all means but wait for the month to end before acting upon them.


You feel like a traveller lost in a storm for some time now, but this eclipse is here to show the light at the end of the tunnel. The time of feeling stuck and frustrated is about to end and you are now ready to make a huge decision for yourself. Do not struggle hard and trust the universe to bring the change to you.

If you happen to belong to the four zodiacs we have mentioned here, and you are going through the turmoil, have patience and for once, let the reigns down and surrender to the stars.

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Let the eclipse initiate the change and by the end of the month, you will be ready to embark on your new path!



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