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Hurtling Towards A Burnout? Attend To These 5 Signs Before It’s Too Late

By Souls of Silver

We have allowed burnout to exist because we have failed to see relaxation as a birthright. Instead, we have degraded it to an incentive. We let life slip away from our hands because we failed to grasp it with both hands. We let the little things add up to an unholy mess of emotional, financial, and lifestyle stresses that send us sliding down the line of no control.

It is followed by the inevitable stage of fatigue, depression, physical and mental exhaustion, and finally a total burnout. But there are unmistakable signs that lead up to this stage. Recognizing them and acting on them can prove to be beneficial.

It is in our heart chakras and solar plexus that stress begins to build up. And as the chakras get overwhelmed, it causes distraction, frustration, and extreme mood swings. It leads to panic attacks and physical debility.

But the universe has its way of warning you much before things go out of hand.

Having Dreams In Which You Are Lost Or Looking For Something


If your dreams are about finding or pursuing somebody or something, it is time to reward your body with some rest. Dreams such as these indicate a losing struggle to stay on course. It is an early sign of burnout as you feel that you have taken on more than you can chew.

Careless Accidents Become A Part Of Your Life

You are constantly involved in minor accidents that would never happen in normal times. You drop things and stumble over objects. It is the universe telling you to take things easy and not hurtle towards burnout.

You Keep Forgetting Your Appointments And Commitments

You have too much on your plate and that makes you forget a lot of what you have planned for the day. If it becomes a regular feature, it is an indication that you need to slow down and limit your activities. This is a hint that you definitely are trying to include too much work into too little time. It is a surefire sign of a looming burnout.

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The Feeling Of Being Overcome With Stress And Tiredness In A Thankless World

Getting caught up in the habit of saying yes to every request is a surefire way to suffer burnout. You end up pleasing the world but are caught up in a stressful situation as you find no time for yourself. You are led by the desire and wishes of others.


At the end of it all, you find that the hatred for your work is but another part of your work. You have deviated from your purpose. Take stock of the work you have in hand and let go of those that are not important to you. Do not get into the habit of shouldering the burden of the world.

Losing Interest In What Once Brought Joy To Your Life

Ever felt that you are losing interest in what once brought immense joy and excitement. It could be your favorite team playing or the release of a movie. Everything that you once loved begins to turn into a mindless ritual of participation.

You will realize that each of the above points is to some degree a part of our life. It is imperative that before we head for a total burnout, we stop to check, make the necessary adjustments and then carry on.

Learn to identify and weed out the things that keep dragging you down in your life. Learn to say no when required.

You might even need to dump some toxic people who inhabit your world. They poison themselves and all those around them. And learn to seek the help of your close ones when it becomes apparent that you are headed towards burnout.

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Finally, it is time to arrange and line up your life schedules. Let go of the heavy tasks and obligations if they are not fundamental to your life goals. You do not have to be busy just for the sake of it.



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