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A Comprehensive Guide To Healing Crystals

By Souls of Silver

Whether you are a believer or a skeptic, I’m sure you are aware of shiny beautiful healing stones that are doing the rounds these days. These healing crystals contain crystal energies and carry ancient philosophies from Buddhism and Hinduism. Although there has been no scientific backing to this belief, their users swear their lives on the powers these crystals possess. 

One thing to remember while using healing crystals as a means of self-care is that the entire process depends on us. Studies have shown that the gateway to spiritual healing is reflection, acceptance, and mindfulness. 

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They come in different colors and carry various significance. Read ahead to understand these mysterious healing crystals. 

Types Of Crystals


Rose Quartz

This pink healing stone possesses positive energies that help all the relationships in our life prosper. It can be a relationship with your family, friends, partner, lover, or even your own self. It encourages trust, respect, and love. 

Clear Quartz

True to its name, it is crystal clear in looks. This healing crystal is best known as a facilitator. It absorbs the energies it finds around, regulates it, and then releases it twice more powerful. Its crystal energy can best be used along with other healing crystals. 


An Obsidian is black in color and has a volcanic glass texture. This healing stone is all about release and acceptance. Its crystal energy influences us to break down our emotional barrier. Physically, it can help our body with detoxification and digestion. Spiritually, it aids us in finding clarity, compassion, and strength. It gives us overall protection. 


This healing crystal is red in color and can be highly polished. It nurtures us by empowering our spirits. It absorbs all the negativity from its surroundings and promotes confidence and courage. This healing stone can be extremely valuable in times of taking important decisions as it helps us think clearly. 


This healing stone’s color is on a spectrum of blue to green. Turquoise’s crystal energy lies in aiding our mind, soul, and body. It helps us balance our emotions by providing us spiritual calmness. Physically, it tackles any skeletal, respiratory, or issues we might have with our immunity. It works like a lucky charm as it fills our body with positive energy. 


This healing stone is a variety of Quartz and is golden/yellow in color. Its specialty is in promoting enthusiasm, joy, and wonder in our life. It brings out the positivity, warmth, clarity, optimism, and motivation in us. And in turn, releases the negativity, self-doubt, and fear. It also enhances our creative abilities. Next time you want to concentrate, keep a Citrine crystal close. 


This healing stone is beautiful in violet color. It helps us ground ourselves by encouraging sincerity, spiritual wisdom, and humility in us. Its purifying energies heal us from stress and protect us from sleeplessness. It’s also acclaimed to aid in sobriety. Amethyst’s crystal energy does not just lie in this world. It can also help us understand our dream world. 

Tiger’s Eye

Tiger’s eye is red-brown to golden in color. This healing stone works best to motivate strength in us. It fills our minds and bodies with confidence and rids us of all our anxieties and fears. When in need of fierce power, keep this golden crystal close. It can guide you to make clear decisions in both your love life and your career. 


This healing stone is a mixture of red and jasper green in color. This crystal is not only alluringly beautiful, but it also enjoys strong powers. It cleanses our mind and soul by absorbing all the negative energies from our surroundings. Bloodstone also aids us to live in the moment by encouraging idealism, creativity, and selflessness in us by ridding us of impatience, irritability, and aggressiveness. 


It comes in a variety of colors, from clear with shades of pink, peach, brown, grey, and green. Like the New Moon, this healing stone too carries crystal powers of transformation and change. It aids our strength and inner growth. It soothes us of stress and encourages us to start anew. This healing crystal promotes intuition, inspiration, and overall positive energies. Keep it close, and you will encounter a fruitful life. 


It is deep red to pink in color. This healing stone is not just pretty in red. It stands out amongst all the other crystals as the one that induces us with vital energies. This healing stone restores positivity in us and is acclaimed to improve intellect, sensuality, and even our sex life. It heightens our senses and makes us discover our inner strength. Ruby also promotes self-awareness. In the ancient world, its crystal energies were used to rid toxins to improve blood circulation. 


It is blue in color, with inclusions of black and grey. Among all the healing crystals, this one brings out a sense of royalty in us by promoting spiritual wisdom. It opens our minds to see the beauty around us. This healing stone also aids our intuition and attracts happiness, peace, and prosperity. Physically, the crystal energies unleashed eases anxiety, insomnia, and depression. This blue crystal also claims to heal blood pressure and eye problems. 

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Which Healing Crystal Is Best For You? 

Before trying to heal yourself using outside sources, you need to look within. Ask yourself why you need healing crystals. What made you think of utilizing the crystal energies of a healing stone? What is it that’s causing you stress and displeasure in life? 

Lean into your intuition, and only then will you figure out what you really need. The mind is a powerhouse that we often don’t acknowledge. Do not make the mistake of underestimating the powers that lie within you. And after all the deliberations, if you still think that you need the help of healing crystals, by all means, choose one (or more!)

Using this comprehensive guide, choose crystals that you think will aid your particular issues. That said, don’t be too literal about it. Rely on your intuition. Get in touch with your inner self and deliberate on what it is that you need. Your subconscious will surely guide your outer self. Look around and try to sense their energies. You might even feel your right crystal calling you out. Once you get yourself a healing crystal, keep it close, and keep your goals in mind. 

Open Yourself For The Crystals To Unleash Their Healing Energies 


Help yourself work towards your goal. Remember that outer sources are there to facilitate your growth, not the other way around. If you solely depend on the stones and don’t try to consciously work towards your goal, things will slow down, and you might get lost. 

Remove all the negativity and skepticism from your mind. In order for the crystal energies to work, you need to open yourself up to their help. 

It’s best to keep the crystals in your bedroom. This way, they will be close to you when you sleep or when you are in a meditative state. It will help you get clarity in times of chaos. 

Take Care Of Your Healing Stone

Crystals absorb energies around them and unleash them at an amplified rate. So you need to be careful with what your crystal absorbs. 

Once you get your healing crystals, put it directly under running cold water. Softly rinse it as you move along. Remember that the water needs to be cold, not hot, warm, or even lukewarm room temperature. 

You can also use sea salt or burn sage to cleanse the crystals of any negativity they might have absorbed along the way. After the cool bath, you can leave your crystals under the morning Sun or under the Full Moon’s light. 

This done, your healing crystals will be ready to channel their crystal energies in aiding your purpose. 

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Different Healing Crystal Accessories 


The crystals do not only possess insurmountable powers, but they also look alluringly beautiful. No doubt, people have come up with various creative ways that we can accessorize them. One good thing about having a crystal accessory is that it will beautify the surroundings and keep releasing positive energies. 


This is the most obvious one. Once you see the healing stone’s beauty, you won’t be able to resist yourself from trying to wear them. Crystals, in a jewelry form, are easy to carry around wherever you go. 

Prayer Beads

Crystals, in the form of prayer beads, are a great way to keep them close to the heart. It will inspire positivity in us and keep reminding us of our goals. As we open ourselves up to crystal energy, we will realize our spiritual development. 

Water Bottles

Water is an important aspect of our life. These crystal water bottles contain a pod at the bottom, which carries the healing stone. It purifies your mind by encouraging mindfulness and physical strength. 


Everyone knows, a family that eats together, stays together. These crystal coasters will help bring positivity and harmony in our domestic sphere. Not only will they make the kitchen, dining room, or the living area beautiful, it will imbibe a sense of calmness throughout the house. 


If you are in the habit of using medical marijuana, a crystal pipe will be great for you. It is smooth and sturdy. And, they will heighten your senses so that you can dive deep within yourself and find out your inner issues. 

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Why Should You Give Crystals A Chance?

Giving these healing crystals a chance will not do you any harm, but if you go in with a positive view, it has the potential to change your life. They possess crystal energies that enhance your positive traits. And any personal growth is always beneficial. 

They are beautiful, and just having them close makes you feel lighter, yet invincible. But, if you are still skeptical about it, chances are, it won’t bring you any positivity. All things in life are dependent on a give-and-receive mantra. In order to receive help, you need to accept help. 

Keep an open mind, and you might be surprised at what these healing crystals can do for you. 



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