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3 Magical Crystals To Help You In Lucid Dreaming

By Souls of Silver

Lucid dreaming has been gaining popularity in recent years. Many people are now keen to learn how it works and how they themselves can achieve this state. And many have taken up crystals to help them.

Crystals are well known for their healing properties but they can also help in lucid dreaming. Here are 3 crystals and their properties that can help you in lucid dreaming:

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Resonating with the Crown Chakra, this purple crystal is extremely powerful. It can facilitate our spiritual growth and help us connect our mortal being with our highest divinities. Its ability to recall our dreams makes it an important crystal for lucid dreaming. It can bring depth and focus to our dreams and meditation.

Clear Quartz

Another one for the Crown Chakra, clear quartz acts as a powerful amplifier. It works with our White Light to help us clear our minds. This facilitates mindfulness and hence supports lucid dreaming. It can work with amethyst to further our dreams and it increases the number of such dreams.

lucid dreaming


Associated with the Heart Chakra, moldavite is used for making connections. With its transformative and intensifying energies, it can be used with other crystals to help us in our lucid dreaming.

But no matter how powerful your crystals are, in order to gain the most from them, they have to be programmed. Programming your crystals refers to the process of you giving the crystals some messages and purposes. This will help in the vibrations the crystals give out.

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One easy way of programming these 3 crystals for lucid dreaming would be for you to hold them in your palms and concentrating on your messages. Your message could be something as simple as “Please help me achieve lucid dreaming”. Then place them under your pillow and go off to sleep. You would be surprised how well these crystals can work thereafter.

Are you going to try these crystals to facilitate lucid dreaming? Let us know in the comments!



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