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July 2019 Forecast: A Month Of Eclipses And Spiritual Acceleration

By Souls of Silver

July brings to us the Eclipse Gateway, to deliver us to the next stop. Acceleration and graduation are on the cards. Make sure you are prepared for this epic month!


The Universe is here to guide you as you prepare for the coming month. Focus will be on change – you will be leaving things behind or carrying them over. You will also be reflecting on your actions, and concentrating on your dreams and desires. At the end of the month, you will see your acceleration to the next level of your destiny.

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Sun And Sirius

From July 3rd to the 7th every year, Sirius moves the closest to Earth and with our own Sun further away, Sirius energy is able to freely flow towards Earth.

The first week of July is the time to start a new meditation practice, activate your third eye and reach out to your spirit guides to receive intuitive messages and prophetic visions.

The awakening will be on the spiritual level as you move into a higher plane. The advanced energy will bring you great spiritual gifts.

The Eclipses

A Solar Eclipse is the time of new beginnings and opportunities and graduation, whereas a Lunar Eclipse is the time of release and letting go.

The Eclipse of July 2nd is the first one – a Solar New Moon Cancer.

This Eclipse will bring you acceleration, great wisdom and wonderful spiritual insights. The high intensity of the Eclipse will offer advancement and support especially in moving forward with plans and projects.

For those who are feeling lost, new chances are here to guide you. Make sure you stay open to them. Often the mere act of moving ahead from your rut helps you get closer to your destiny.

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The following Eclipse is a Capricorn Lunar Eclipse on 16th July 2019. This Eclipse is here to guide you and clear things in order to create the path for you to move ahead.

This is the time to awaken your inner strength and wisdom. Everything is ready for you. You just have to walk towards it.

Mercury Retrograde

July 7th onwards, Mercury shall be in Retrograde. While usually this can be a hindrance, the intense Solar Eclipse needs to be followed by some relaxation this month.

Mercury will guide you in your decisions regarding the opportunities received in the first few days. This is the time to look back and reflect to avoid similar future mistakes.

The day after which Mercury turns Retrograde, Chiron will follow, making 7 celestial bodies turn Retrograde for rest of the month. This high Retrograde energy is the way the Universe allows you to slow things down.

Leo Season

With Jul 22nd begins the Leo Season. The watery Cancer will give way to the fiery Lion, handing out new motivation and graduation.

The Leo Black Moon on the 31st will help you seal and finalize the opportunities the Solar Eclipse has brought to you.

Month Of Acceleration

July with its intense cosmic energy is definitely the month of graduation and acceleration for you. Have faith in yourself and take the step forward to your destiny, which you rightly deserve.

All the very best!

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