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Setting Out On The Road To Mindfulness

By Souls of Silver

We need to be grateful for the fleeting instant that makes us more receptive to our feelings, and aware of the surrounding reality. By being mindful we surrender to the feelings of fulfillment and pleasure in even the small details of everyday life. This, in turn, contributes to the state of continuous and total happiness.

Surrendering To The Moment

Mindfulness is a continuous process and it reconnects with our body and the accompanying sensations. We are aware of the sounds, sights, tastes, and smells of the present moment. Never for a moment do we wish it to be any different, though the experience might appear trivial or negative.

The moment we start seeing the present in all its clarity and vividness, it positively affects the means by which we look at ourselves and our lives.

Do Not Be The Judge Or The Critic

You let go of the habit of judging each moment critically. Acknowledgment and acceptance are part of the moment as you surrender completely to it. Every moment in your life deserves your undivided attention.

Letting Go Of The Stress Through Mindfulness


Every moment in your life will not be stressful. But mindfulness meditation will give you the strength to face up to the negative vibes and anxiety. Anxiety is a warning to our body to take care of the stress it is facing. It is a part of everybody’s lives.

The pulses of anxiety never go away totally. It gnaws at the back of our minds. It slows down our effectiveness and productivity. Our mind strays from the task at hand.

Make Sure That You Are A Part Of Every Aspect Of Your Day

We learn to savor every moment of the day as it contributes to our well-being. The sensation of the air we breathe, the food we partake in, and the air we breathe. Each small bit adds up to a huge powerful sensation. It adds something new to our perspective of life.

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Mindfulness Lets You Be A Part Of All Things New

Try to gain a fresh perspective of everything around you. Even seemingly trite things and actions can bring change and a fresh new perspective in your life. It can be as little a thing as a change of seat or going someplace out for lunch.

Learn To Be In Control For Your Thoughts

Never let your surroundings influence your state of mindfulness. Neither should you mindfulness be about staying isolated from what is taking place around you. They should always be part of your consciousness and thoughts and should be viewed as co-transpiring mental phases.

Give An Identity To Your Feelings And Thoughts

Be accepting of what the moment has given you and name your feeling and thoughts that occur frequently. By labeling your thoughts with greater depth, you classify your thoughts and emotions as per their function.

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Disconnect Yourself From Your Past And Future Through Mindfulness

Each moment is all that we need and we can be happy in that instant. It can be difficult at times to embrace the now and stop constantly floating into the past or the future.

Empty your mind and surrender to the moment. start with a few minutes and you will soon find the minutes adding up each day.


Be open and attentive to the present and shut out the past and the future. Be aware of and attentive to any feelings or thoughts that course through your body and mind.

Concentrate On Your Breathing During Mindfulness

Fixate your breathing so that it is centralized on one part of your body. It could be your chest or your nostrils. Concentrate on keeping it in your focus continuously.

Be Heedful Of Your Body

Be fully conscious of every sensation that courses through your body and concentrate on your breathing patterns.

These rhythmic patterns will bring peace to your mind and a smile to your face. Finally, your mindfulness will be at its peak.



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