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Involve Zen Buddhism In Your Life To Change It For The Better

By Souls Of Silver

Why do you think Zen and Buddhism are a perfect fit together? It is simply because everything that you would expect from Zen would complement Buddhism. Bringing it into your life is a definite way of improving your general condition. Zen Buddhism is going to help remove the facade that you have before yourself about life and existence. All you need to do is let it submerge you within itself. If you reach the point of enlightenment, you would find yourself receiving clarity like never before. 

Here are 5 different ways through which you can bring Zen Buddhism into your life. 

1: Meditation

Zen Buddhism’s biggest principle has always been meditation, which is also called zazen. This is particularly useful if you feel that time is running away and you still have a lot to do. If you manage to do it properly for a few weeks, you would soon find yourself slowing down the time around you. This will enable you to increase your productivity. Couple that with the fact that you will also not be neglecting your own welfare. Goes without saying, you will find yourself completely bereft of stress. 

2: Mindfulness As A Part Of Zen Buddhism

This simply entails that you are aware of what you are doing. If you don’t have the time to sit down and meditate every single morning, this is for you. Every single action that you do throughout the day, make sure to be completely mindful of it. There is no reason why you should not process your daily life. After all, when you are finding peace and happiness simply being in the present, why not do it? Keep focusing on your breath, and watch as your worries slide away.

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3: Compassion

Compassion has always been one of the governing ideals of Zen Buddhism. When you inculcate compassion in your life, you truly realize who you are. This enables you to find happiness deep within yourself. If you are compassionate, you would stop seeing the illusion that your own self puts before you. Every fake attachment that you have will be swept away. While that does seem like a pretty big thing, all you should currently do is live your life with compassion. 

Zen Buddhism

4: Zen Buddhism Will Take You To Nirvana

You need to realize something- every aspect of your life is guided towards providing you with happiness. At the end of the day, we work for peace. This desire for earning more is simply a reflection of us wanting peace more. Yet, when we seek true happiness, we need to look for it inside our own self. There is no other way through which we can find it. Zen Buddhism teaches that the way to be one with our own self is by not looking for happiness elsewhere.

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5: Being Aware Of What We Consume

Consumption isn’t just food and drinks. Consumption talks about everything that we bring within us. These could be the things we see, touch, feel, hear, and smell. Sure, it would definitely be the things we eat and drink, but our ideas matter too. Zen Buddhism will simply teach us to be aware of what we are consuming and to be mindful that we don’t harm ourselves through it. 

Zen Buddhism has a lot of knowledge to give out, and there is no reason why you shouldn’t bring it within yourself.



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