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Tea For Zodiac: Sip Your Tea According To Your Sign

By Souls of Silver

If you favor a hot cup of the best teas over your coffee to quench your thirst, you can now select your tea leaves according to the signs of your zodiac. The tea for zodiac signs is a convenient way to both have your tea and harmonize your astrological signs.

Here are the types of teas that are sure to go well with your sun signs and also make it easier for you to choose from the many varieties of tea. Let your stars decide what will cheer you up throughout the day.

Aries: Rooibos

Rooibos is just to right tea for Zodiac sign Aries. This tea is believed to be beneficial to your liver. Anger emanates from the liver and people under this sign are generally quick-tempered. Rooibos will soothe you down and to add to its benefits it is even caffeine-free. It is thus just the right cup for the naturally impassioned and wound-up Aries.

Taurus: English Breakfast

Those under this sign live in a world of opulence. English Breakfast tea goes perfectly with your elegant taste. It also goes well with sugar and milk if you are so inclined. And the caffeine in it gives you the right vibes.

tea for zodiac

Gemini: Peppermint

If you are under this sign you are sure to be lively and energetic with just the right amount of zing. These traits go well with peppermint tea. Its light and spirited flavor go right with this tea.

Cancer: Chamomile

Those favoring this sign would do great to sip some warm chamomile tea. Chamomile tea for zodiac sign cancer would help comfort and soothe with each sip. It gives back some of the love they give out.

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Leo: Iced Hibiscus

Iced Hibiscus tea for zodiac sign Leo helps them stay cool and composed. This is a sign lorded over by the sun and any type of iced tea should work well. But hibiscus tea served with ice is just the right cup for those with a dose of personality.

Virgo: Jasmine Tea

The right tea for the zodiac sign Virgo should have the precise mix of smell and taste. The right smell helps to ease tension. Jasmine is just the right brew for the excitable Virgo. Its twin notes of flowery perfume and the closeness with nature give plenty of benefit for the Earth sign.

Libra: Green Tea

Those under the Libra sign seek light and rejuvenating energy. Green tea is just right to restore this balance. It has lots of antioxidants and just the right touch of caffeine.

Scorpio: Chai

The robust and spicy chai goes well with Scorpio’s profile. The intensity and high energy boost compliment them.

tea for zodiac

Sagittarius: Cinnamon Orange

Sagittarians are prone to intestinal infections and the spicy and warm effects of the cinnamon orange should help with its healing properties. It fights fungal and bacterial infections and has many other benefits too.

Capricorn: Earl Grey

Capricorns are classy and old-school. They go for a timeless taste. And Earl Grey gives them just that.  And it has the right dose of caffeine for the hardworking folks.

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Aquarius: White Tea

White is the tea for the zodiac sign Aquarius. It is natural, light, and undergoes minimal processing. This quality complements the Aquariuses. The right amount of caffeine is enough for the forgetful Aquariuses.

Pisces: Lavender Tea

The soothing nature of lavender tea goes down just great for people who are dreamy and sensitive. Pisces find it tough to stay strong in difficult moments. Lavender tea helps to nurture moods, calm stress, and caress people to sleep.



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