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Spiritual Growth Through The Right Food

By Souls of Silver

Getting on top of your psychic ability and intuition requires the rigors of practice. It also requires you to delve into the inner recess of the psyche. Much time and devotion are required to stay connected to the spiritual world of our angels and guides. And one part of your journey to spiritual growth is the foods that should be partaken in and the foods that are to be avoided at any cost.

Every food gives out certain energy that the body absorbs. It contributes to your growth, both mental and physical, if the auric field requires this energy. The food that we consume defines us and becomes a part of the person we are.

Foods that contain massive energetic charge at times contribute to the loss of your psychic performance. This also goes for spiritual cleansing. Its function lies in removing the massive energetic vibes from our circulatory and the digestive system. They contribute to blurring out the core of forces or the chakras.

Make it a habit to go in for a lighter form of nourishment at least a couple of hours before you commence any spiritual session. It could be psychic, healing, or medium-ship. It smoothens the progress of spiritual growth and adds to the process of caring for the sick.

Letting Go The Foods That Prevent Clarity In Mediumship

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Alcohol opens the energy field around you to entities and energies that intrude into your psyche. It also has low vibrations and attracts negative energy. Alcohol hovers around your body and keeps your spirits down for extended periods. It negates spiritual growth.

Your psychic facilities are close to non-existent when this negative energy stays in your body. You lose valuable days as the residual effect can cause the low vibrations to dwell in your body for up to two days.

The presence of lower vibrations in our Auric field can lead to many emotional, energetic, and also physical health issues.


This is one of those substances that calcify your pineal gland. It is the spiritual master gland. It is the base of all your spirituality. The functioning of the Pineal gland strongly affects your third eye and also contributes to its attention.

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A vigorous pineal gland contributes to your spiritual vibration. It also allows us to get close to the higher levels of consciousness and helps to connect to another level. The presence of chemically changed artificial sweeteners like sugar alters this connectivity. It is only the natural alternatives that can maintain the spiritual vibration. They include Agave nectar, maple syrup, or honey.


Instead of providing energy, as some of us believe, caffeine gives us pseudo strength or fake strength. Caffeine draws in energy from your adrenal glands. It will give a sudden burst of energy and alertness. But it changes your adrenal structure and affects your stress hormones. This alertness never contributes to your connectivity. The essence of caffeine ultimately negates your Pranic energy.

Cheese And Other Dairy Products

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The presence of excess cheese and similar dairy products at times obstruct the psychic senses. Everything turns turbid and unclear. The clear messages are unable to get to you. More vegetable alternative to cheese and milk is recommended. Vegan cheese made from cashew and other nuts is much healthier and contributes to your spiritual growth and well-being.

The Negative Energy Of Animal Meat

By raising the intensity of your communication with the Spirits and raising your vibrations, you lose the necessity to rely on animal meat. You rely more on an organic diet. You naturally go for diets that do not block the mediumship and your psychic abilities.

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Food that has been a part of your regular diet will slowly cease to appeal as there is more spiritual growth. A lean source of protein is better for the body.



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