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How To Truly Utilize The Magic Of Kundalini Energy

By Souls of Silver

When you go through your daily life, do you spare a single thought as to how powerful you could possibly be? The energy that you store inside you is just there- dormant and listless. And interestingly, this same energy would help you move mountains if you decided to utilize the full potential you bring with you.

You have always been a major force field– and will continue to be so. This is exactly where Kundalini Energy comes into play. You have enough stability inside you to utilize the strength of Kundalini energy to imbibe in yourself an understanding that is quite rare. So, let’s read about how Kundalini energy can be quite a boon to humans. 

If you haven’t noticed it already, Kundalini energy has already become a part and parcel of everyday conversations. Precisely why we need to agree that it is time that this field is extrapolated and discussed.

There will always be people who would forcefully prevent themselves from ever reaching their full potential- and this is where Kundalini energy is going to help you out. All you need to know is that they will definitely bring out your truest spirit- thereby allowing you to climb heights you were previously wary about. 

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How Do You Rejuvenate Your Kundalini Energy?

Before we discuss that, let’s first bring out the elephant in the room. What exactly is Kundalini Energy? To put it simply, Kundalini is just the most primal form of energy that rests in the back of your spine. This is specifically energy that is devoted to the transformation of sexual awakening.

In Hindu mythology, Kundalini has forever been associated with the energy that rests at the base of Root chakra- which is decidedly feminine. When you activate the Kundalini Energy, the force moves up your spine like a snake. The inception is at the root chakra, after which it moves into your Solar Plexus, Throat, and Heart. It then wraps around your neck to pierce your Third Eye. When Kundalini energy is awakened, the individual would receive more levels of wisdom, creativity, and insight like never before. 

Kundalini Energy

Therefore, here are 5 different ways one can work through Kundalini Energy.

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5 Different Ways Kundalini Energy Can Be Used

1: Focus On Your Body While Breathing

One of the greatest advantages of working with Kundalini Energy is that it makes us more aware of our body. We are so immersed in the destination that this spiritual journey is going to take us to- that we conveniently forget about the part where we need to look after our own selves. What we embody within us are the senses- and the ability to be creative with them. When you regulate your breathing and allow yourself the moment to focus on your body, you would be able to project the energy better. For, you are not only feeling the manifestation of the object- but you are also allowing Kundalini to work with something. 

2: Make Your Experiences Authentic

Your Kundalini Energy is definitely not going to be the same as everyone else. Your experience might be the same prior to the awakening– but then they will definitely differ. When you uncoil your energy, you end up spending vast amounts of time healing and working on your own personal stories. What are the stories, the sensations, and the experiences that you feel within your Sacral Chakra? Do you feel a sense of belonging? Do you feel connected and empowered to your roots?

If you keep on assessing every single node in your body, you would be able to clear out your story. It is very important that you know your identity- else you would never be at peace. Remove thought processes, and mindsets that are not your own. Things will fall into places, but you would need to know where you stand next. 

3: Don’t Be Stagnant

Kundalini energy finds motion when you move. The only way to prolong the energies from not clotting in a particular place is by looking for practices and various activities that will help bring out a change in your physical being. There are several things you can do for this- tribal dancing, yoga, tai chi- or random stretching. All you need to do is be limber, and listen to your body. 

Kundalini Energy

4: Jot Down A Proper Diet

If you truly want to experience the awakening of the energy, you definitely need to check up on your diet. The foods that you previously craved might not be something that you would prefer post-awakening. You would feel your body physically repulsing the delicacies. This is when you need to ask yourself- do you really need this food item in your life? And, is this food benefiting you in any particular way? Your body is extremely wise and knows what it wants. The least you can do is give it the respect that it deserves. If your physical being can’t stand fried chicken- don’t give it fried chicken. 

5: Bring Out The Expression That Screams ‘You’

The Kundalini Energy is all about bringing out the Divine Feminine hidden within all of us. This connects us to our nodal points of purpose and creativity. Therefore, it is quite important that we start realizing how to express ourselves- whilst utilizing the opportunity that would allow us to play with our subconscious and imagination. What do you think would be your legacy? What do you think makes you, you? These are questions that you would definitely think about- so take the time to wonder about your purpose on this plane- it is worth it. 

Remember, you are here for a purpose. You are not insignificant- and Kundalini Energy is all about proving that to you. When you open yourself up completely, you simply become a vessel that is so empowered that you would be able to channel bounty, wisdom, and goodness through it. 



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