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Leo Full Moon Rises This January, What Can You Expect?

By Souls of Silver

The first Full Moon of this year is going to take the sign of the influential Leo which will bring a lot of inspiration, hope, and strength to us. On 28th January, we will witness a brilliant Leo Full Moon shining marvelously above us. As Leo is the symbol of the vigorous lion, this Full Moon is expected to shower immense goodness, creativity, and confidence upon us.

Cosmic Changes To Happen With The Leo Full Moon

The Full Moon will also make some clamorous connection with the planets which will bring cosmic clashes but it will also inspire us to find the ray of hope in the darkest of times.

The first Full Moon of 2021 is also called the ‘Wolf Moon’. As the Moon will take its place in the Leo, it will help us to heal from inside. It will show its influence to boost our inner confidence and courage. It will assist us to express ourselves while our passion, love, and creativity will flourish in luminous colors.

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The Leo Full Moon will also bring many cosmic changes. This time the Moon is going to be engaged in a clash with Mars and Uranus. It will also be in a tussle with the mighty planets Saturn and Jupiter. Thus, to bring some good vibes in our life, we need to invite our inner charisma as well. Let us see what we should do and what to avoid in this year’s magnificent Full Moon.Leo Full Moon

Be Passionate About Emotions

On this beautiful occasion of a glorious Leo Full Moon, we should finally express our passion and the beauty of our emotions. Do not shy away from speaking your heart out. If you are passionate about anything or anyone, express it. You have an amazing chance to feel the beauty around and inside you. Don’t hesitate to share your emotions and sentiments in this lunation.

Pursue Your Hidden Creativity

This Full Moon presents you with a splendid chance of finding your hidden creativities. It is a perfect time for you to follow your inner longings. At this time, we will also have Mars’ impact on us that can make us bold and aggressive. You can utilize this powerful energy to pursue your creativity through music, art, or anything creative that comes up on your mind.

Keep Your Temper In Control

As mentioned before, this lunation shows us the fiery impact of Mars. Jupiter will also make a stand against the Full Moon resulting in tension with Mars too. It may make us impatient and lose control over our temperament. So, this time you need to take care of your emotions with more patience. Try to lighten up your heart by expressing your feelings and keep your temperament in control. 

Be At Ease With Your Romantic Life

When it comes to our romantic life, we often tend to tangle up our emotions which makes it quite overwhelming for us. In this Leo Full Moon, Venus, the planet of romance will align with dominating planet Pluto. Pluto is also known as a power-hungry planet which may cause some turbulence in our romantic life. So be light-hearted, loving, and joyful in your life instead of overanalyzing anything.

Keep Your Confidence In Control

The Full Moon will adorn the mighty Leo sign and Jupiter will oppose the Moon which will give us inner strength and confidence. But keep your boasting confidence in your own control. Keep your optimism with calm sensibility and don’t let it turn into recklessness.

Feel Free To Be Gorgeous

The Leo sign represents boldness and inner beauty. Let your inner self glow in confidence. In this lunation find yourself in a new light and feel free to shine from within.

On 28th January this year, as the Leo Full Moon will sparkle with pomp, find your own beauty, joy, and confidence to pursue everything you love and cherish.



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