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Unfolding The Magic Of Kundalini Energy

Have you ever wondered about the power that you possess within? People often lose interest in life, feeling dejected and incompetent. They believe they have explored their full potential, unaware of the force that exists within themselves. To tap the infinite resources that rest dormant in our system is the highest form of self-love one can aspire for. One of the greatest ways to begin this journey is through an understanding of your kundalini energy. Once awakened, it can enhance the quality of your life.

Often called the serpent power, the kundalini energy lies coiled at the base of the spine. This potent power holds the capacity to unlock heightened states of consciousness. That leads to a transformative spiritual awakening, activating advanced levels of creativity and wisdom.

The energy moves up from the bottom of the spine, winding up like the serpent, through the various chakras. Slowly it reaches the crown of the head, enabling the mind to harness its power to the optimum.

Here are 5 ways to help you awaken your own kundalini energy.

1. Become aware of your bodily existence

To unlock the higher levels of spiritual power, it is essential to acknowledge the existence of the body. This acts as a reminder of our physical reality, which helps give our dreams and aspirations form and meaning. Systemic breathing aids this process, enhancing focus and drawing in the right energies. Our physical awareness consciously allows us to shift our energy to what is important. This gives kundalini energy a map to work around.

2. Clean the Slate

Once the kundalini has a direction, it is important to allow it to unfold without obstruction. After the mind finds its focus, one must intentionally work to loosen the chakras in the spine to ensure a smooth unwinding of the kundalini. The repressed traumas that block the chakras and restrict it from expanding have to be let loose. Once cleared, these energetic passages will manifest its potential. This will require a higher level of introspection and a deeper understanding of the self. One has to let go of all toxicity that is holding them back from reaching new heights.

kundalini energy

3. Power of Movement

The expansiveness of the mind can achieve its true potential once accompanied by ample of bodily movements and circulations. To loosens the tightened knots inside us we must pick out activities of our own choosing. Yoga, Pilates, dancing, aerobics, any meaningful movement allows the release of the much-needed toxins that can obstruct the kundalini.

4. Pay attention to what you crave to intake

Once the kundalini has activated, there might appear a radical shift in edible cravings. With the cleansing of the mind and body, unhealthy items may no longer be of interest. Listen to the needs of the body and allow a smooth transformation, out of the toxicity of our previous lifestyle.

5. Find ways to express the positive outcome

Upon the awakening of the kundalini, it is important to express this energy through meaningful mediums. Having tapped into the spiritual repository of life, one begins to find answers to the greater questions of life. 

Kundalini energy allows us to recognize our true potential. Once we allow yourself to open up to the possibilities of life, our bodies merely become a finite vessel to the infinite power that we contain within us.

Do you feel ready to harness this kundalini energy? Is there a greater opportunity you can give yourself?



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