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Gemini Season 2021: The Basics To Look Out For

By Souls of Silver

Gemini is one of the Air signs considered to be expressive, informative, and playful of all. Geminis are almost completely opposite to Taureans who are stubborn in nature. People associated with the Gemini sun sign are the social butterflies of all the zodiac signs. They love interacting with people from all sorts of life and are really easy going which acts as a part of their characteristics. They demand interaction almost all the time and are curious and extremely perceptive. No matter how dynamic the personality of a Gemini seems, there always remains the involvement of a human connection even though they manage to remain unattached. 

Due to the fickleness in the nature of a Gemini, they tend to like to live in the moment. It is said that they literally breeze through life and are extremely intelligent by nature. Gemini is governed by the planet Mercury which is also known as the communication and technology planet. The movement of the planets and the moon changing through the year plays an important part in giving way to a whole new and unique experience. 

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Spend Less Focus More

gemini season 2021

Mercury is the governing planet of Gemini, people of this sun sign will experience regression in terms of the amplified themes in the air sign. As much as Geminis are informative in their nature, it could also possibly cause them an overload at times resulting in communication breakdown. Self-doubt is likely in the Gemini Season 2021 due to the deceptive nature of people. 

Self-doubt brings with it the feeling of no one listening to you which will deepen the anxious thoughts. It seems to be a reliable time to revisit older projects which could take place in collaboration with friends or family alike. Travel over short distances is likely on the cards and will incur positivity into your life. Regarding past disputes with family members, clarity is likely to be found.

Self Work Is The Key

A more recognizable effect could be noticed in daily life due to the change in planets starting from May 23 till October 10. In that period, Saturn replaces Mercury and retrograde in another air sign Aquarius. The focus should be to take another look at the already set boundaries and structures. 

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Gemini could set newer and better boundaries for themselves at this point. Also, the feeling of accomplishment might as well set in. Choosing yourself as a priority over an unhealthy friendship will do wonders for you.

Free The Spirit To Make Things Go Your Way

The Gemini Season 2021 remains mostly intense. This is due to the release of acute emotional baggage that you were carrying for a really long time now. With the occurrence of a solar eclipse and a new moon in the sun sign by June 10, clarity definitely sets in. This will give a more raw and impromptu insight into the life of a Gemini. This is probably the best time to start a new page in life. However, one should wait till things actually settle down a bit. Also, be extra sure of the details in order to refrain from any further mistakes. 

Remember To Have Fun While Pursuing Aspirations

gemini season 2021

It is sensible to put one’s own self first at this time and make it a point to work on self-image. The highly optimistic fire sign Leo moves through the planet of action from 11th June to 29th July. This makes it favorable for the Gemini to concentrate on their passion projects. A bold and confident way of engaging in business matters is likely to garner a favorable result.

Romance May Take Centre Stage

Date nights are expected to go from spontaneous events to preferably cozy and comfortable dinners. Group-oriented activities are likely to take a backseat. Activities like cooking could be highly enjoyable on a date night. In terms of romance, Gemini Season 2021 might experience a sudden shift towards commitment and family in an extremely positive way.

So, there are a lot of things to look forward to. Of course, the eclipses may bring chaos but do not let that cower in fear. Be a mindful of your interactions and rich rewards await you.



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