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Mercury Retrograde Might Create A Little Mayhem This Time Around

By Souls of Silver

The Mercury Retrograde that will start on the 29th of May will create a little mayhem all around us. There will be misunderstandings, and mix-ups aplenty- there is a reason why Mercury thrives in chaos. The good thing- it will be over by the 22nd of June. So, you should definitely know where you stand and what you need to do further. 

Here is how the Mercury retrograde will affect the different zodiac signs:


The current Mercury retrograde is going to be quite confusing for you with regards to communication. You will have issues even in the most mundane social events- for the retrograde with hit snags and cause misunderstandings. 


mercury retrograde

This retrograde will also turn out to be quite baffling for you, and you might want to supervise your bank records. There is a potential of your bank statements or payments getting delayed- so don’t make any big purchases currently. 


Since this retrograde is occurring in your sign, there is a huge possibility that any mix-up could end up affecting you badly. There will be a possibility that other people won’t understand your signal. Precisely why you need to be clear about what you want.

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You want to be in touch with your higher self we get that. But this Mercury Retrograde might make it a little bit difficult. There is a probability of you finding it harder to access the intuitive powers that highlight your identity. 


Any group projects might get affected a little, so you need to make sure that you are focused on every step of the project. There will be delays and problems in clarity, so you need to keep a calm and steady mind. Stay away from rumors and gossip, and help in diffusing drama. 


Your professional life is going to be affected heavily by this Mercury Retrograde- so don’t start something new. There will be delays in productivity, so you would expect a few emails to be delayed. Also, don’t sign any binding contracts.

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Transportation will get sorely affected under the Mercury Retrograde so keep your vacations plan on hold. There will be unexpected delays coming in your path, along with travel accidents. So, you could simply stay at home and take a vacation later. 


Information will not be dispersed very easily, so don’t make promises that you don’t know every inch about. We know that honesty is important to you, but there are certain agreements that will be complicated. And there is nothing you can do about it. 


mercury retrograde

Keep your communication with your partner simple. The Mercury Retrograde has a way of disrupting relationships through strains in communication. Hence, you will need to be extra careful about this. In case of any misunderstandings, don’t lose your cool. Solve the problem affably.


The retrograde is going to throw your entire schedule in a fix, which might make the next couple of weeks frustrating. You might feel that everything is going off-timing, and it could be true. Hence, all you need to do is make sure that you are punctual, and not late/early. 


Your love life can be a bit messy due to the Mercury retrograde, so it will be better if you don’t jump into something new. Also, don’t make any big decisions right now. Keep your flings temporary.


This retrograde is going to burden your personal life, so you might as well keep things clean from your end. You could get into a few misunderstandings, so don’t take any difficult conditions. Also, increase your self-care. 

The Mercury retrograde is going to be a pretty difficult time for you, but you need to make sure that things are simple from your end. This too shall pass. 



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