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Yoga Matters : Find Out Why

By Souls of Silver

Yoga-its a global rage today! But what is yoga, if you may ask? It is a collection of different practices and techniques of body, mind and spirit that connects us to our inner selves.

Yoga aims to enrich the mind and spirit and create a deep relationship with our inner self. In the modern world with so much going on that deprives us of our mental peace, yoga helps us get the necessary growth for body and soul.

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Postures and their different effects

Each yoga posture has a special meaning and a different way of engaging you. The minds of most people are filled with different thoughts. You are either confused or worried or thinking about something that distresses you – thoughts of the future or the past keep coming back to haunt you even when you don’t want it. Simply put, your thoughts are generally out of our control.

Yoga does what we consciously fail to do. Yoga diverts the mind from mental conflict and helps you focus on the present. It cleanses the mind from distress and anxiety, relaxes the body and tries to bring about harmony within the body, mind and soul.

Pranayama helps to calm a  mind in torment. A regular routine of such yoga postures will increase concentration, re-establish physical and mental peace and improve body postures making you healthy and confident inside out.

Establishing harmony

  1. Yoga establishes a balance with your body, mind and the ‘other’ by increasing flexibility and alertness.
  2. Deep breathing relaxes the body by increasing the blood flow through the veins.
  3. Stretching releases stiffness of joints, and makes one feel younger and stress-free.
  4. With physical flexibility, the mind would get more flexible and you will feel prepared to take up any challenge that life throws at you.

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Spirituality and gaining Inner strength

Spirituality can help instil inner peace, keep you well-grounded and active in the present and understand yourself better alongside having an all-round happiness. Yoga is such a practice that engages the body and mind with the inner self and enriches spiritual well-being though disciplined routine and meditation. After a session of yoga, the agitated mind becomes calmer and well-grounded, a tensed body achieves a sense of complete relaxation.

Once connected to your inner spirit, you become less conflicted and more  understanding, filled with love and care.

Sudarshan Kriya, meditation and yoga will leave you de-toxed, relaxed and get rid of any traces of mental fatigue that even a good sleep cannot take away.

Becoming one with your inner self

There’s something within all of us that remains unchanged, something that defines who we are – the inner self. In the walks of life, we forget ourselves and become who we are not.

Routine yoga practice helps us connect and become one with that inner forgotten self. It answers the questions of our desire and whether we are truly happy. It helps us find out the truth about us and the world around us without any hindrance.

Finally, yoga is the best way to discover and accept ourselves for who we are.

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