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This Is How A Free Meditation Programme Altered The Course Of My Life

By Souls of Silver 

I am someone who has survived suicidal thoughts, anxiety, clinical depression, and unremitting stress.

There were days when I was unable to leave my bed, crying continuously even while asleep as I didn’t realize that something was amiss. I laid the blame on my stressful workplace which would have eventually gotten better.

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Staying in an urban city, all my requirements were easily fulfilled. Life was occupied with several obligations: friends, co-workers, family, work, entertainment, shopping. My mind was constantly busy even while I was sitting idly.

But unfortunately, I didn’t know I had to manage my occupied mind, coping with so many emotions at once. I tried self-medicating, shopping vigorously and speed-driving in order to alleviate my stress. In the end nothing worked out for I remained unhappy. Emotions running hither-thither, relationships fizzling out, I was left feeling incomplete.

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As a result of the continual thoughts running through my mind, my decision-making ability took a blow. A mind preoccupied with innumerable, insignificant notions lacks the mechanism required to make important decisions, deal with stress, and remember what is crucial.

Due to low mental health, my physical health deteriorated quickly with constant headaches, stomach-aches, when suddenly my seemingly happy life vanished.

Our mind is an extremely complicated organ that brings forth complicated behavioral patterns throughout. If its demands remain unfulfilled, it can turn against us by keeping us wide awake at night. It creates a ruckus like a small kid, whose demands are not catered to, forcing us to look for methods to pacify it.

This condition called “monkey mind” is true and can be controlled by meditating. Meditation has so many scientifically verified benefits. It increases the stability of our mind, greymatter of the brain and soothes us emotionally and physically.

I came across the free meditation program presented by Willpower Institute while in therapy. I decided to take it up as it was located just across my street. Willpower Institute of North America offers quite a simple, relaxing way of meditating which can be acquired by everyone. It is derived from the techniques practiced by the Theravada monks who reside in Thailand. Combining sitting and walking it aims at attaining a restful and calm life, free from a chaotic life.

After the orientation process, I actually ended up becoming a certified meditation practitioner. Meditating has attracted so many dedicated followers who practice it on a regular basis.

I was very lucky to have found this way out. Meditation helped me cool my mind by putting my disorderly life behind. Applying samatha meditation I welcomed my new life. Mental stability and physical well-being have made me a happier and medication-free man. My mind has retrieved its ability to deal with stress in a calm manner.

I was not someone who makes commitments easily yet surprisingly 10 years down the line I still keep meditating regularly. I also share the wisdom I have gained with others to help them deal with anxiety, stress, emotional trauma so that they can also discover peace and calmness in their lives.

Meditation is fairly easy to learn and is accessible as well. Irrespective of where you are placed you can locate meditation courses quite conveniently through libraries, meditation centers, and Internet sources.

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For beginners, it is advisable to start meditating 15 minutes per day, and then gradually by the end of one week increase the time to 30 minutes. Initially, it was very difficult for me to sit steadily and meditate, but I began enjoying the peace and calm, thereby sharpening my mind and reaching out to the truth. Practicing meditation on a daily basis equips us to improve our bodily and mental health, deal with anxiety, resolve differences, think lucidly and become strong.

I am extremely grateful to be able to live in a metropolitan city with easy access to modern facilities and at the same time, I also encountered an age-old practice which transformed my life drastically.

Thanks to that one free meditation program which significantly bettered my life. Finally, I challenge anyone and everyone who hasn’t tried meditation to commit to it for at least three months and witness the transformations themselves.



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