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Conquer The Last Days Of September After A Disorganized Summer

By Souls of Silver

We’ve had enough time to rewind ourselves, what with all the retrogrades and now it is time for a new beginning. September comes in now and this month will be about solving problems, getting into an out-and-out organised schedule and you will be all geared up to handle anything that comes your way.

You will be able to understand situations with clarity after 7th September. Thank Mercury  which will unite with Saturn and Uranus into the grand trine, for this magic!

This is the best time for business groups and their teamwork will be stronger than ever. Virgo New Moon will occur on 9th September. This time is the best for farmers to focus on markets and supply stores of offices.

Do not procrastinate. Execute your plans each day. Mars will start moving on 8th September. Prospects and opportunities of relationships and new friendships will definitely bloom.

Our needs and dreams need to be given attention in this period.

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Position of the Planets

Scorpio’s waters will be controlled by Venus from 9th September. You will be more aware of your desires and may feel detached. With the beginning of 10th September, Mars will return under the influence of Aquarius.

Mercury will come opposite to Neptune by the middle of this month. You will again see the distinction between reality and illusion. You will have your priorities sorted and work on issues that are important to you.

Mars will run into Uranus on 8th September. This will bring disturbing results. To be at ease is the main focus. But on 20th September Mercury will join Sun and it will be easier for you to understand personal issues. Transparency will be at its best.

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Autumn Equinox to Heal Your Pain

Mercury will go into Libra on 21st September and communications will be smoother. Autumn equinox will take place on 22nd September and your wounds will heal. The next day is Libra Full Moon and we will realise what has affected our relationships.

Saturn will be influenced by T-square while the Moon and Sun are present and this will urge some people to get committed to each other.

But one should be nice to each other and do what their heart really wants them to do.

Take care  to be aware of danger because nobody knows what the future holds.

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