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How Emotional Abuse Starts And How One Can Recover From It

By Souls of Silver

Many people face emotional abuse, either at home or with the person they are in a relationship with. Some are strong enough to fight it but others are too helpless to do anything about it. But even if you deal with it over time, the trauma takes away a huge part of you. Once a plate is broken, you can still put the pieces together by using glue but it will never be the same. Similarly, a broken heart can never be the same. You will have a hard time trusting others even if you have known that person for a very long time. You will never be the same person around others like you used to. If someone gets close to you in your life you will always have doubts or think that a person has some ulterior motive. To share the hard truths in a relationship is the hardest but it is important as well. You will not be very confident in dealing with people and will always hesitate in making the first move.

All emotional abuses do not involve loud voices and criticism. There are “Disengaging” abusers and “Stonewalling” abusers. “Disengaging” abusers are those who remain preoccupied most of the times. They remain distracted and lost in some other thoughts. They will not put you down overtly and many times they listen to other peoples perspective either impatiently or just for the sake of hearing it. Whereas, on the other hand, “Stonewalling” abusers are those who do not listen to anyone. They think that they are always right and there is no need of hearing other people’s thoughts and ideas. They are very rude and straightforward. They do not try to listen to proper judgments and they never try. The people, who fall under these two categories, make people feel like they are not important.

There is another concept in emotional abuse that is called “Walking on eggshell”. People who fall under this usually do so to keep the connection intact with their family members and also to avoid as much trouble as possible. A person who suffers from anxiety usually faces the negative impacts of walking-on-eggshells. The only way to recover from this is to stop thinking about others and to start thinking about you. The strength to heal lies within yourself only; you just need to find it. You need to make yourself feel important and valued.



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