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The Importance Of Buddhist Healing: Explained By Morgan Freeman

By Souls of Silver

Has something unexpected happened to you that changed your life in an almost miraculous way? Think about the miracles that have happened in your life and how each one left a different impact on your life.

When something you never expected happens which vastly benefits you, it is a miracle. You can’t always see the logic behind them, but they are welcome nevertheless. Many religions are based on the power of miracles and no matter what your views on religions and their authenticity are; you must know that there are some incidents you just can’t explain.

An Enlightening Video

A while ago, I watched a video of Morgan Freeman speaking to Buddhists in Bodh Gaya, the home of Buddhism in India. He was trying to understand more about Buddhism and where it originated from. Watching it made me realize that we have the capacity to make miracles if we become self-aware enough to access our hidden reserves of energy and power.

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I felt like my eyes had been opened. The video helped me see Buddhism in a clearer light and it taught me miracles from a whole new perspective. I understood that we tend to analyze miracles without realizing that they come from inside us. This is a view that is worth thinking about. Buddhism believes that we are all capable of making our own miracles. This alone was enough to make me completely fascinated with the religion and its many aspects.

The monk Freeman is having a conversation with tells us that all miracles consist of only three things – healing, love, and reconciliation. No matter where you are on your spiritual journey, learning these three concepts is vital because, without them, there is no spiritual growth.

Many East Asian religions preach that God is within us. They focus on the power of the self and push us to look inward rather than seeking answers elsewhere. If you look deep enough, you will find God and you will find the inspiration you need to make miracles. According to the monk, the world needs healing, love, and reconciliation more than anything else and one look around you will show you that he is not wrong.

We Need Healing

We live in an age of violence. From multiple wars and conflicts to everyday crime on the street, we see too much violence. We are almost desensitized towards it. All of us must learn to heal the bleeding wounds of our race and teach love and tolerance to overcome the hate and pain. This will lead to the reconciliation that we badly need. When we bring harmony to the world that is when we will have the ability to make the miracles we wish to see.

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To learn more about the Buddhist view on miracles, watch the video below. Learn the lessons he teachers and be the change you wish to see in the world.

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