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20 Signs Prove That You Are Different From The Rest

By Souls of Silver

No two human beings are exactly alike. And it is stupid to think otherwise. We have our own thoughts, feelings, and emotions, which are completely different from the rest of the population. Even our fingerprints are different. So, it wouldn’t be amiss to say that we are fundamentally, at a very basic level, different from the rest.

But there are people who are extremely different from the rest. Even while being different, we still coagulate into groups, societies, unions and so forth. But these people don’t fit in. These qualities might make them special and unique, but that is up to the reader to decide. It doesn’t make them any inferior though. And, isn’t different beautiful?

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Here are 20 signs that prove you to be different from the rest.

1. You are highly intuitive. While most of us rely on instinct, you rely on intuition. Instead of simply reacting to a situation, you seem to be able to know about it beforehand.

2. Your body seems to be the sky, with body markings similar to star charts and constellations.

3. You might be 50, but you still look and feel 30. This could be because of a healthy lifestyle but it does make you different.

4. You have varied sleep patterns. You might actually go to sleep when the rest of the world is waking up.


5. You have a weird connection with numbers such as 1111, 555, etc., as in you see them, weirdly, a lot of times in your day.

6. You might not be astrally projecting, but you do feel out of your body at times.

7. You remember your past. Not just what happened yesterday, but in the previous life.

8. You see UFOs. Period.

9. You delve into metaphysical and spiritual reality, and can easily grasp the intricacies of them all.

10. You see things that others are blind to, like spirits and ghosts.

11. You are in touch with your spirit guide and guardian angel. You know the names of the spirits who look after you.

12. You can heal others and can heal yourself very fast.

13. Quite ironic, but you are allergic to a lot of stuff. And this could be due to the life you led in your previous birth. Or it could also be because you are… other-worldly?

14. You have abilities that you are JUST discovering.

15. You sometimes see orbs- glowing balls of light, physically.

16. You are not single dimensional, which makes you clumsy in this human body.

17. You can manifest anything you want. You sometimes change reality.

18. You are actually able to receive and decipher messages from the creator. Not everyone can.

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19. You have a problem communicating through words. You are more attuned to telepathy.

20. You suffer from vertigo.

So, are you wired differently?

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