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Spiritual Awakening And 5 Ways To Enforce It

By Souls of Silver

There have been various incidents where people have reported themselves going through spiritual awakening. However, one question that might taunt many is what is spiritual awakening? Modern life makes it difficult to look for peace in this world. The moment of realization when people intricately understand that “I” or “me” are not in sync with the inner person is called “Spiritual awakening”. 

Understanding your inner self

Most people go through the walks of life not realizing that there is a person who needs redemption. Most people look for peace outside themselves. Life coaches and gurus will tell you that we all need to be in connection with the person within ourselves. What many people falter in is that they believe spiritual awakening has something to do with having a philosophical understanding. 

However, the real deal is to have an understanding of looking in the present and on the inside of ourselves. What needs to be understood is, therefore, that even though our minds and hearts are clusters of cells functioning in harmony, there is a “soul” or “atman” inside us. This soul is what provides us with consciousness. Meditation for spiritual awakening is a good way to start. 

Moving past dimensions

Spiritual Awakening

Once a person is connected to their inner-self, they have the ability to surpass the superficialities of life. This allows them to get into a new dimension through which they can see the world. When they realize that they are more than just what they want and are, they can see the world for what and how it is. This is a major part of spiritual awakening. Greed, lust, sadness, anger, pain, and all other negative emotions are subsequently minimized in life and they can see the world for things that are greater than human emotions. Spiritual awakening helps in allowing human beings to move beyond their own wishes and desires and allows them to change. 

Eliminating boundaries and binaries

The world is filled with illusions. The goal is to let these boundaries and binaries be destroyed by the practice of it. Awakening, which is the main character of spiritualism, allows humans to change. They allow people to stop wanting to control their lives and everything around them. Many people can be found who are different than ourselves. Spiritual awakening allows us to accept them for who they are.

Making space

One of the ways the spiritual awakening process can be accessed is through the cleanliness of the mind, meditation. Often this is related to the space where we live in. By cleaning the entire space around ourselves, we can reach a certain level of clarity. This clarity also transcends to our mental space. We can further make better decisions and understand ourselves and our desires in life. 

Eliminating toxicities

One of the very important ways to receive a spiritual awakening would be to bring some changes in your lifestyle. This further includes eliminating not only toxic people, friends, colleagues but also habits that you might have inculcated which are toxic. This is helpful in living a clean life and a healthy habit system is always a boon. 

Spiritual Awakening, therefore, initiates positive changes in one’s life.



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