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Listen To The Wonderful Life Advice By Gaur Gopal Das

By Souls of Silver

Eminent modern day guru and life coach Gaur Gopal Das always has sound advice in store for us. Personally, I have always tried to follow his advice in my life and have received great results in certain cases. He was an engineer employed with the prestigious company of Hewlett-Packard but chose to give up that life and joined ISKCON in 1996. Since then it has been an uphill climb for him. He has been traveling around the world as an excellent orator inspiring people from all walks of life.

What attracts people towards him is the way he dispenses moral and life lessons through compelling and interesting stories. In all his videos he starts by narrating a story, developing it and then drawing a valuable morale from the story. In one of his recent videos he speaks about how our outlook can significantly alter our choices. By referring to a simple story about three men involved with the task of building bricks, he brings out a beautiful life lesson.

His story goes like this: one day, a tourist notices three men working at a construction site. Out of curiosity he approaches them and asks each one of them about their tasks. Although all three of them were involved in the same task their responses were very quite different from each other. The first man responded saying that he was laying bricks, a very ordinary and literal outlook. The second man said that he was building a wall, again a normal outlook. But the third man said that he was “building a cathedral”, which was an extraordinary outlook. We should all perceive the world in the manner of the third man.

It is very crucial for us to consider our job as a small contribution towards something huge. We should never belittle our job however inconsequential it might seem. Not only our jobs but anything that we end up doing affects a whole lot of other people in some way or the other. Without ever realizing it, we become part of a huge change. If we continue taking our work seriously, work happily and dedicatedly we are actually on a path to becoming unsung heroes. Das also mentions an incident where when J.F Kennedy asked a janitor working at NASA what his job was, he responded saying that he was actually helping send humans to the moon.

We should all keep this valuable advice in our minds the next time we feel let down by our work, our do not think it is making any difference. Our outlook towards life can bring around a wave of positive change in our lives if we chose to look at things differently. It is high time for us to widen our lenses and always try to find the larger picture.

Watch this video to know the life’s secrets by Gaur Gopal Das:



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