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Know The Secret Behind Your Mood Swings: Why Can’t You Ignore The Libran New Moon

By Souls of Silver

The new moon has just passed and this one had a lot of power to it. We need to make the most of this opportunity. For those who are hoping for a new beginning, now is the time. The biggest query many have about this Libran new moon is how it had influenced their mood. It might do so for some and not for others. A new moon’s power over you depends on whether you are susceptible to its power according to your own astrological chart. And the influence of this moon on your mood doesn’t matter all that much. It is more important to be ready so that you can make the most of the cosmic energy distributed by it.

One of the most important signs, Libra signifies the start of fall. It is during this time that we go through the fall equinox when light and darkness balance each other out, just like the scales that are the symbol of Libra. When we enter into Libra, we enter a phase in which we need to explore the external world and become better aware of the people around us.

When we bring together the Libran attachment to relationships and the energy of the new moon, the ideal time for a fresh start is created. In keeping with this theme, you need to set goals that are in keeping with Libran tendencies. Venus is Libra’s ruler and she represents romance, ethics, aesthetics and relationships. Everything that is related to Venus will be accepted in this phase. Reflect on her values and think about how to create a new beginning for yourself or along with your significant others. Remember that the goals you set will define this full moon for you so ensure that they are what you truly desire.

October 8th – The Day Of The New Moon

On this day, Venus travelled backwards into Scorpio. This combination of all things beautiful and harmonious with emotional intensity and fiery passion rendered Venus quite unlike herself. Rather than the goddess of love, we’re not getting a tougher, rather unromantic version of her who will push us to places we sometimes may not wish to go.

She’ll make you analyze all your ongoing relationships with people and all the ethics you strive to uphold. Thanks to Scorpio, this experience will be hard because you might find yourself meeting an abusive person from your past or discovering some unsavoury secrets about someone you trust. When the planets move backwards, they throw up our past as well and this does not happen without cause.

If you’ve got anything that needs to be finished, think about how that can be changed into a fresh start. You’ve got all this knowledge about the new moon so use it well. Libra always reminds us how much we need love in all its forms. Think about the improvements you can make in your existing bonds with those you care about and whether you need to let some go for your own good.

Cut away the relationships that are holding you back and look for a love that will sweep you away in its intensity. The first place you need to find that love is in yourself. Understand how valuable you are before valuing others.



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