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Why Is October Special?

By Souls of Silver

The world of the spirits and our dimension are going to intersect each other this October. Spiritual people can experience the supernatural movements happening across all the dimensions and also feel a profound relationship with the loved ones who have crossed over to the other side.

Not only will you be able to feel the existence of different worlds but might also sense God’s charisma if at peace within yourself. Please thank Him.

What is So Special about October?

October holds special significance from a very long time. A Gaelic festival called Samhain, celebrated on October 31st and November 1st, is the reason for October’s specialty. Samhain’s signifies summer’s end, the light part and the beginning of the dark part that is winter. Hence the celebration of Halloween is in this month.

 The Beginning of Halloween

Ancient Celts were the genesis of this festival.  For them All Hallows Eve was the end of a year, just before 1st of November. They thought that all the supernatural beings retreated to the hills hence they left them treats outside. It was important to placate them so that they did not cause any damage. At present we celebrate it as Halloween. The boundary that keeps our world separate from their world is bleak in October hence causing many deaths during this month.

The Sites of Connection

A term called “thin places” used by our ancestors of Ireland denotes the spot wherein the veil between our world and the supernatural world is extremely thin. If you accidentally stumble across this thin place you will experience both the worlds simultaneously. Vulnerability increases but at the same time you can sense God, your deceased friends and family.

Forging any such connections is never easy, not like those popular television shows. It involves patience, protection and diligence. Always seek Spiritual Protection and stay close to the White Light during this month.

It is also important to honor your near and dear ones. Make sure that you set up another plate for them at your dining space and also conduct Burning Bowl Ceremony. They might be actually hearing you during this time, do not neglect them.

Spatially and temporally everything will be chaotic. Because of your encounter with another dimension you might feel weak and uncomfortable. But at the same it is a beautiful and mystical time filled with the fusion of paranormal energies and our energies.

Ensure that you are under God’s protection always and reminiscence about your lost ones and try connecting with them without losing hope.



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