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13 Plants You Need To Know About To Turn A New Leaf Over In Your Life

By Souls of Silver

One of the most potent forms of magic has to be herbal magic. The world of medicine may have seemingly progressed a lot but there is no reason to believe that ancient wisdom of medicinal plants is passe. It is always better to know about these healing secrets. Rest assured that this list is not something you will regret knowing about.

Following, you will find the plants that your magic can absolutely not do without:

1. Lavender

The go to solution for rattled nerves is lavender. Not only does it induce blissful sleep, it also makes a person more relaxed overall. This one is popular for even non – magic purposes and thus is a very flexible herb to use.

2. Aloe Vera

This plant is famous for its healing properties. However, in the world of magic, it is also famous for its goodwill and protection. Many actually plant the aloe vera near the tombs of their near and dear ones. This is so that they can have a calm afterlife until their rebirth.

3. Vervain

Money, purity, calm, and protection – vervain provides it all. It is a special deterrent for evil emotions and helps sanctify homes too. This works excellently to find a significant other as it helps love charms too.

4. Basil

This is already famous as an herb for witches and has a protective value. It is also made use for attracting love and finance. Moreover, it can be added to a love pouch to give birth to a bond between two individuals. This also makes both of them less hot tempered.

5. Cinnamon

A cinnamon incense can attract an intense spiritual vibe. Not only does this induce positive vibrations but also heals one from within. A change due to the incense may not be instant but it will definitely come about in due time.

6. Catmint

More popularly known as catnip, this herb causes beauty and joy and a lot more. It also brings forth vibes of positivity in one’s lives and goodwill. To make sure of success, add this herb with rose petals in love pouches.

7. Vanilla

There is a lot more to vanilla than just its wonderful smell. It encourages a positive environment and also cleanses the soul. It enhances love charms and promotes the feeling of infatuation. However, one has to be sure of whether they desire love or lust.

8. Arrow Root

Often forgotten, arrow root can completely change your fortunes for the better. If used wisely, it provides on with ample opportunities. It is for this reason that it is used during gambling.

9. Clover

To bring about fortune and love, all one has to do is add clover to their bath water. Not just that, it can also be made use of in potions to entice lust. This herb has a wider variety of uses.

10. Cumino

For ensuring protection, cumino is lighted with frankincense. Mainly known as cumin, it is used for both love charms and warding off evil. This is yet another herb which has a solution for multiple things.

11. Rosemary

One of the most prolific herbs of the magic world is rosemary. It increases not only mental strength but also works as a protection and healing charm. It also acts as a cleansing herb. When burned together with juniper, it can remove the stale vibe from your residence after a persistent illness.

12. Chamomile

Now this is an herb that you can use to deflect spells aimed at you. All that one has to do is place it on their home. Chamomile has a variety of uses. Right from luring money to calming minds, it is a quick fix for many things.

13. Barley

Mainly used for charms of love, barley also has healing properties. It is especially beneficial to the heart. This herb is often overlooked and underappreciated. It is time this notion changed.

There is so much to learn from plants and there are so many ways in which they help us. Taking a leaf (literally) from nature’s book will change your life for the better.



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