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Ensoulment: What Does It Mean To Be A Mystic?

By Souls Of Silver

Transcendence draws great emphasis on modern spirituality. It refers to the spirit. However, this obsession over the ethereal is detrimental for the Soul and contrary to ensoulment.

The soul is the embodiment of the Spirit. It is mysterious, enchanting, and the truest incarnation of poetry which is earthy, passionate, ecstatic, and grounded in the present moment. The soul mainly corresponds to yin which is feminine while the spirit corresponds with masculine yang.

The world is currently in an imbalance where yang dominates. As such, the need of the hour is reconnecting with yin or the soul. The Mystic is the one who has an innate connection with the soul’s flame which is also known as the Inner Light.

Ensoulment is the method of reaching this state.

The Meaning Of The Soul


There is a soul within every one of us. Fundamentally, it is what animates us, however, through the ages it now has an association with the inner Divine spark within us.

To put it briefly, the soul is one’s true nature. It is the innermost essence of the embodiment of Spirit in its material form. One can also think of it as Spirit being pure light while that shines through the Soul which is a multi-colored kaleidoscopic lens.

The Meaning Of Ensoulment

The journey and process of integrating with the Soul is ensoulment. It is one’s ability to experience, live, and embrace one’s most authentic identity. Ensoulment is an integral part of the process of awakening spiritually which is the path taken by Mystics. Ensoulment can also be referred to as soul retrieval but there is a major difference: Ensoulment is a philosophical process involving every moment of being alive while soul retrieval is usually practiced only once.   

Originally, ensoulment had religious connotations which referred to the exact moment when an unborn fetus acquires a soul. However, currently, the term is more popularly used to mean Soul Initiation.

Soul Loss Is The Most Terrible Disease

Humankind has forever wondered about the cause behind our suffering. Religion and spirituality have taught us that the cause lies buried deep inside a human being and not outside.

The cause is a Soul canker or a fragmented psyche. One can also think of it as a disturbed mind or being severed from nature or an act that desecrates the world surrounding us. All this suffering has its cause as the loss of the Soul.

Being disconnected from one’s Soul means being disconnected from other individuals and the greater world. This disconnection is the cause behind mechanistic reductionism, cold rationalism, and fundamentalism that only regards the world as a tool that can be discarded when its use runs out.

Severance from the soul means a deranged human. The body becomes afflicted with various illnesses, beginning with eating disorders and chronic illnesses. They finally result in psychotic abuse towards innocents, murder, suicide, hatred, paranoia, existential crises, and mental illnesses.

To begin healing humanity, reconnecting with one’s Soul, or becoming Ensouled is the most important. To have any chance at reversing our movement towards self-destruction, one must walk the path of spirituality and embody the Mystic, also known as Bodhisattva.

Ensoulment provides the answer to the deadliest disease, that of soul loss. Currently, humanity does not have sight of its soul without which there is little hope for our future generations to have a happy life.

11 Signs That Show Your Ensoulment

The word ensoulment starts with “en” which in Latin means “in”. This means that the term refers to the embodiment of the soul inside you. Modern Mystics are people who fulfill their soul’s destiny by living and expressing.

Here are signs that tell one if they are ensouled:

  1. Sense the particular meaning behind one’s role on the Earth.
  2. Have an intense craving for purpose.
  3. Suffer from depression when the destiny is purpose is not known.
  4. Feel the call of the metaphysical or the spiritual realm.
  5. Have awakened spiritually, in some form.
  6. Find difficulty in fitting into the world.
  7. Possess an extremely high sensitivity towards all things.
  8. Desire solitude and enjoy thinking about oneself.
  9. Usually struggle in dealing with crises.
  10. Struggle in locating the tribe of your Soul which leads further to isolation and loneliness
  11. Have an intense longing to join the Divine, the Beloved, Life, the God/Goddess.

Right now, the world desperately needs such people who share the purpose of the soul, breathe, live, reclaim, and rediscover.

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What Happens After A Successful Ensoulment

It is easy to see how common Soul Loss is because it is around us everywhere in daily life. Soulless societies are marked by abuse, violence, narcissism, addictions, depressions, and anxiety.

However, a human who is ensouled is very difficult to come across. To find someone capable and willing to do so is even more difficult as we are living in a spiritual desert.

To perform Soul Work and to have the confidence to guide another is not a normal desire. Few imagine such a path for themselves right from the beginning. Humans who have undergone ensoulment usually are humble, open, and full of heart. They also embody purpose and meaning while they work on their spiritual gifts. Above all, they feel a strong Divine connection.

Ensoulment is not an achievement, rather, it is an everlasting process that waxes and wanes which never ends either.

In Conclusion: How To Attain Ensoulment


Ensoulment can be attained through physical processes such as arts, nature walking, and spending time in solitude. Emotional paths such as self-love and devotion are also valid. There are also creative paths such as crafting and mental paths such as praying.

The article is hopeful that it shall ignite the spark within one to start walking the path of ensoulment and help in redeeming humanity.

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