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7 Things You Shouldn’t Share with Anyone, As Per Hindu Philosophy

By Souls of Silver

For those who’re not aware of the term Hinduism, it’s a religious body of people, primarily in living India. It is deeply immersed in philosophy and spiritualism. Hinduism has taught people to develop an ability to share emotions and feelings with each other—especially love. At the same time, it restricts people from sharing certain other thoughts. It’s not as if these emotions are something that people should be ashamed of. It’s only a way of life that Hinduism hints at which is equally applicable to even those who don’t strictly follow the religion.

1. Don’t impose your spiritual beliefs and knowledge on anyone

Each person’s journey is unique and so is our spiritual education gained in the process. So while it is alright to discuss it with someone, imposing it on anyone else isn’t the best way to go about it.

2. Don’t advertise your ideas before executing them

We love to share our ideas and plans even before we act upon them. It’s a risky thing to do because you don’t know if someone close to you sees that as an opportunity to cease the plan and make it their own. Let the results precede the words.

3. Do not share everything about yourself with strangers

Each of us have a story about our life expereiences. Don’t share each and every detail with everyone. It’s best to reveal a bit and to reserve the rest to yourself.

4. Don’t gossip

Talking about others in an inappropriate manner isn’t the best way to evolve. We should try to circulate positive energy around us rather than partake in thoughtless gossip.

5. Don’t boast about your kindness

If you confer a favour, do not boast. If you feel the need to overstate your kindness then probably it was a selfish act disguised.

6. Don’t broadcast your worries 

It’s true that we look out for help and suggestions when we discuss our problems with anyone. But it’s best that you keep it within your inner circle to avoid anyone misusing the power that you’re granting them.

7. Keep your sexual experiences private

Keep the details about your sexual experiences to yourself. If you’re facing any problems or want to talk about it, do so with your partner. Respect your partner’s privacy as much as you respect your own.



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