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To All The Innovative Souls Out There September’s Virgo New Moon Will Come With A Gush Of Solid Creativity

Souls of Silver

Falling within the Great Bear, more accurately on Mizar, this New Moon is located at 17 degrees Virgo decan 2. It has a more face-to-face approach than other new moons and there’s no way to avoid it. Both positive and negative energies will get refreshed and rejuvenated, and there’s no stopping it. Sadism and masochism will be combined with feelings of confidence and self-care.

No matter how the situation pans out, there will be a great inflow of cosmic energy which can be used to get things done the way you want them to be. But stay cautious because it is easy to get tempted when both the light and dark are freely available.

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Never forget to be completely aware of the energies, both positive and negative. But if you have a tendency to drink or consume other substances, be warned. These things will make you more vulnerable to the onslaught of dark energy and will prevent the light from reaching you.

This isn’t a dark and gloomy time though. For artists looking for a muse, inspiration would come to you in varied forms, which you would have to identify, and utilise. If you are aware of these energies, incorporate them, for they would allow intricate and beautiful works of art to take shape in your hands.

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Some interesting things will also take place in the heavens. The moon is going to be in contact with other planets. It’s interaction with Jupiter will allow practitioners of the arts, dreams and imaginations which they have never fathomed.

The biggest obstacle to art is poverty but the light of this new moon will ensure that artists who are truly committed to their work find patronage when they most need it and when they least expect it. All they need to do is focus on making their work as perfect as possible and the universe will ensure that everything else works out fine. In trine with Pluto, the moon might cause some problems. It is linked to hell but there is also the chance of making monetary gains.

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In case you did not know this before, the sun and the moon are the catalysts to the heavens. When they come into contact with other celestial bodies, some energies get boosted for certain signs. If your zodiac matches the requirements, you can expect to be in for a good time.

September’s Virgo new moon is directed to artists and all things associated with dreaming. It is also a time of heightened emotions so some of the creativity that you gain can also be put to good use in bed.

Lastly, if you’ve ever wanted to come out of your shell and work with those whose thoughts align with yours, now is the time.



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