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7 Meditation Mantras For Insomnia

By Souls of Silver

Insomnia is a common sleep disorder now-a-days. It acts like an unwanted guest in your house and resides on your bed for an unlimited period of time. As per the National Sleep Foundation, Chronic insomnia symptoms includes irritability, lack of energy or motivation, mood swings and many more. You will feel preoccupied, drowsy and tensed as the worry of lack of sleep takes the control of your mind. Every night, before going to bed, you might panic and wonder if you will have a good sleep or not. We know that you may have tried so many things to stop gazing at the ceiling while lying on your couch. There are so many medications available in market which may give you fake promises with lots and lots of side effects.

Here are some mantras and meditations that will help you calm down your anxiety, stress levels and lead to a good sleep.

Cognitive Shuffling

Cognitive Shuffling is a kind of sleep trick which makes you snooze easily. For this meditation method, you can take help of an app, named as mySleepButton. Other than this app, another technique is also available for this form of meditation. You just need to follow some steps after you get into your bed. And those steps are,

  1. Think of a word randomly with at-least five letters. The word must be neutral emotionally.
  2. In your mind, spell and think about it
  3. Then pick each letter of that word and think of a new word starting with that letter.
  4. Repeat this again and again for each letter until you have left no more words in your mind

Mantra – Sa Ta Na Ma

The inner meaning of this mantra resembles our life cycle; Saa for Infinity, Taa for Life, Naa for Death and Maa for rebirth. Apart from meditations, “Sa Ta Na Ma” mantra enhances the chance of sleep, as it helps to create balance between the brainwaves emitted from different hemispheres of brain. You just have to repeat this mantra in your mind again and again.

Mantra – I Am Calm, I Am Light

Embed this mantra in your mind and repeat it. This will make your brain think that you are calm, you are not anxious, you feel light, which can help to float you into your dreamland.

Make yourself your best friend and start talking

This is a little bit complicated. Stop mentally slaughtering yourself for being an insomniac and start talking to yourself in a kind manner. In a simpler way, this method suggests that you need to talk to yourself, not criticism with negative vibes but a smooth, refreshing, calming talk which generates positivity in you.

Mindfulness Meditation Body Scan app

This is the easiest form of meditation. You can perform this while lying on your couch or by using an app. In this technique you just need to mentally scan every part of your body, starting from toe to head and discharge the stored stress therein.

Play with your mind and tell yourself “Do not fall asleep”

This may sound odd, but it actually works. You just need to play with your brain. In your mind, you need to repeat the phrase, “Do not fall asleep”. It is a trick, by which your brain thinks that you are not anxious anymore about sleep, therefore reducing the anxiety level, which in turn lets you have a good sleep.

Choose the best for you

In this world, every individual possesses different mental and physical condition. Hence, this is not mandatory that the type of meditation or mantra which suits you, may suit others. Therefore, try to find the best meditation or mantra technique which kills the insomniac in you. For the effectiveness of meditations lie within the thought which focuses on a particular thing. Find that and stick to it.

So, if you are an insomniac and if any of this technique helps you alleviate your condition, let us know.



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