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4 Zodiac Signs That Will Be Most Affected By The November New Moon

By Souls of Silver

The November New Moon is on the 7th of November. New Moons are indicators of fresh beginnings. Like most New Moons, this one is bringing it own set of transformation policies. It’s going to take place in Scorpio and so it’s time for us to look into our inner areas of empathy and forgiveness.

Bringing in the change

This new Moon, you will have chances to make some apologies. There must be some mistakes that you have done – it’s time to say ‘Sorry’ and move on. Acknowledging faults is the first step towards change. Don’t be ashamed about it. This New Moon is all about transforming yourself, and you should start by becoming ready as to how you will be doing that, especially regarding your compassionate and sensitive side upon which the moon sheds its blessings. Your compassion will make you help more people and bring you a larger understanding of the world. We could all do a lot better if we are more connected, wouldn’t we? It’s part of who we are. Your bonding and relationships will be stronger during this period – you’ll be a lot closer to the people you like. It’s a special time. You might be able to release everything that holds you back and start forgiving. Try that – there’s nothing more humane that forgiveness.

Most Affected ones

The New Moon will affect all of us, but there are certain zodiac signs that will feel its effect the most. So if you are any one of these zodiac signs, be informed – for the energy from the New Moon is going to change your life for a period of time:


Relationships will be affected during this New Moon. But for you, Taurus, relationships can go either way. Maybe you can flourish in a relationship or it might just end – it all depends on how you can go about it. So, a good way to go through this period is by apologizing for any past wrongs and allowing changes to happen. Don’t resist transformations.


You have an outgoing nature and love to be with your friends or your beloved. But for this new Moon, you might have to come back and spend a little time with your own self. The vibes of Scorpio will make you want to introspect and help you grow. Don’t despair – use this time to develop new ideas and bring about a change in your life.


This New Moon is going to have some major effects on your life. The New Moon will be coming on them and the light will put them into the limelight. They will start receiving a lot of attention. This could be good for them though. A bit of love has never hurt someone in excess and we Scorpios need it sometimes.


If you are an Aquarius, be ready for some good news, because this New Moon is bringing in the best period of your life in terms of jobs. It will be shining on your career section bringing in a lot of prospects. You might be eligible for a promotion or for appraisals during this period so if you have some innovative plans for your job, make sure you come out with it. Things are going to look up for you.

This period, let us be more open to change and introspect into which way we should go. The magic of the New Moon is upon us. Let’s use it. Good luck with your change!



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