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The Importance Of Truth In A Changing World

By Souls of Silver

The world is changing.

The expansion and growth of mother earth and the human race seems to be a continuous roller-coaster ride. This endless process releases all the dark and negative energies to the surface which need to be altered.

Sometimes when there is a need to surrender to the eternal forces, we need to either be soft, malleable, and flowing with the ravages of time and fate or hold on to our ethics, and inner knowledge. And both of this nature depends on the situation reflected at that time.

In order to live honestly with our principles, we need to recognize and welcome these inner truths into our consciousness. Inner truth can be kindness, love, peace, joy, fulfillment, goodwill, sympathy and these help us conquer all the negativity caused either by ourselves or others.

Sometimes, to resolve a problem or situation we need to make a strong and wise judgment and to do so we need to hear our own inner voice or roar of the tiger inside us. This will help us to be mentally strong enough because at that time we would know what we want, and how we want it. At this time we need to trust ourselves totally, hold our feet to the ground with proper strength, so that no matter what happens next as a result of our decision, we would not get weak and torn apart by any external forces.

This is a test of our courage also. After facing and solving some events or situation you will get to know that following your inner voice does not imply that you are resistant or inflexible but if you won’t hear your own voice and refuse it, then it may be difficult to reach your dream or you might not achieve your dream ever.

You will feel low, depressed to let go off any person or a project for which you had spent a lot of time. At that time you need to hear and realize what your heart wants to say to you, and your inner voice. It may be bitter for everyone, because truth is always bitter. But at the same time you will get a lesson for your life.

Hence always listen to your heart, the roar of the tiger inside you and let it open in-front of the world, when you will face hard situations. This voice will be your guiding star in every moments of your life which will never let you down.

By this you will feel a divine presence within yourself. You just need to widen your mind and be aware, without being scared of anything. Then only you can realize that there is no mistake in the decision that you have taken.

“To thine own self-be true and it must follow as the night the day, thou canst then not be false to any man.” William Shakespeare.



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