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The 17 Symptoms of Higher Consciousness

By Souls of Silver

The truth is plain and simple. Every creation comes from one divine source. Even the tiniest of elements have energies governing their existence. Metaphysics dictate that the density of an object would ensure how fast the energies within it vibrates. And this vibration would be felt by human beings, to decipher what they are. But, certain vibrations are in the realm of higher consciousness- thereby limiting human perception. Also, this impossibility in perception is sole, because we as humans don’t believe in the existence of something we can’t sense. 

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It is a very natural fact- some vibrations are beyond human reach, but that doesn’t mean they don’t exist. In fact, through years and years of practice, there have been humans who could feel higher consciousness. Nowadays, individuals from all over the globe are trying to raise their vibrations to experience higher consciousness. A higher vibration allows one to gain information from divinity clearly and concisely. 

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Here are 17 symptoms of a higher consciousness, which may last for 5 years

Out-of-Body Experience of Higher Consciousness

This usually takes place when you are separated from your physical being. You would still be able to roam about different dimensions on an astral plane. Usually, some triggers govern one through the process. 


If you hear electrical static sounds or simple buzzing with no viable source around, it might be a signal that someone is communicating with you. This usually happens when you are asleep, so look out for such sounds that might just prove that you have a heightened consciousness. 

Tingling Sensations

If you feel tingles running through your body, or shivers going down your spine, you could be experiencing higher consciousness. It could also be brought about by goosebumps and your skin standing on end. 


If you feel people talking around you, but can’t locate the source, you could be in a higher realm of consciousness.

Sinking Feeling

If you feel like you are sinking, but can’t find any physical evidence to support it, it could be a symptom of higher consciousness. 


You feel paralyzed and numb in certain areas of the body. 


When you experience lightness, it could be a sign of higher consciousness. Look out for sensations of your body levitating in the air. 


Your vibrations are faster than they used to be.


You can feel energy pulses around you.


You can feel the presence of something or someone around you. 

Internal Rocking

Something seems to be spinning inside you, or moving at a considerably high rate. 

Lifting Arms

Your arms get lifted in the air of their own accord when you are sleeping. 

Energy Surges

You can sense a surge of energy as it courses through your body. 

Hear Noises

You start hearing noises that are quite out of the blue and absurd. 


If your nose catches the scent of flowers or other pleasant things out of the blue, it could be because of your higher consciousness. 

Psychic Abilities

You find developments in your psychic abilities as your aura starts changing. 

Number Patterns

You witness numbers which oddly seem to be in sync with each other. This is because you are completely attuned to the vibrations of the Universe. 


How Should One React to Such Symptoms in the Face of Higher Consciousness

There have been many theories propounded about the nature of the astral body projection that takes place. But most of these theories point out that this event is usually quite a direct result of non-physical body shifting whilst in the physical body. These sensations are a test to see if your body can withstand separation. 

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In the event of such a symptom, the first thing to remember is staying calm. Instead of fear about what could go wrong, try to feel the sensations. Don’t move about, or the vibrations might stop. The noises, the smells, the energy pulses- everything is out there to simply help you. 

You need to inform the universe that you are ready for whatever future it has planned for you. And you can do so by surrendering to the numbing feeling that encompasses your very being. 

Remember, when it is the higher consciousness in question- the smallest of thought surges can bring about massive changes. So, don’t stray your thoughts much. 





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