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Here are 4 Ways To Remember Past Lives That You Can Try

How many of us remember past lives? You might ask around, and find no one who would actually be able to remember who they were in their previous life. But that begets the question- why not? Although it makes complete sense that there would be certain breaks and leaks in our memory, there isn’t any memory in the first place. We never remember who are in this life, forget the past life. 

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But there is definitely a reason behind that. We are ill-equipped to deal with not only the emotions of this life but the past life too. We would feel the onrush of emotions and find no way to deal with them in a healthy way. Yet, there are ways through which one can remember past lives- all it needs is intense focus. 

Here are 4 ways through which you can remember past lives

If You Want to Remember Past Lives, Look At Your Beliefs

If you come from a faith where reincarnation is nothing more than a myth, chances are you won’t experience anything. Your own upbringing and conditioning will create a barrier separating you from your memories. If you really want to go ahead, you need to believe it within yourself that reincarnations do occur. Only then would you be able to experience it. 

Introspect and Find Things That Helps You Remember Past Lives

This is similar to ‘letting go’. You simply need to believe that reincarnation is possible- and you have been reincarnated. You need to shut down your doubts and let your emotions take control. Chances are, you will see things that were probably of some interest to you in your previous life. Remember, your mind needs to be completely open to possibilities. If you have a narrow strain of thought, you wouldn’t be able to do it properly. You need to believe that the flashes you are receiving are symbolic of a prior existence. 

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Explore Your Dreamscape To Find pieces of evidence of a Past Life

This is probably the easiest of the four ways to check if you remember past lives. Every night before you fall asleep, ask yourself if you can witness your past life. If you repeat that notion as you are falling asleep, your subconscious will simply deliver it to you. Although it might take a few tries to get it down- but you will achieve it in the end.

Keep a Track of Everything Around You

One of the best ways to identify your past life would be to note down your likes and dislikes. If you can write everything without forgetting even the tiniest of details, you will have progressed. All that would be left is for you to link the dots. Also, every morning you wake up, try to note down what you dreamed about. It will take you closer to your goal, and you would be able to find flashes of your past lives. 

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But remember, while the past might be important, it will never throw away the present. Live in the present, not in the past. Although it is natural to display curiosity towards things that are mysterious, don’t compromise on what you have now. Also, don’t stress yourself in trying to remember past lives.

Keep your body and your mind relaxed. If your mind is tense, you would not be able to reach your memories, and all these would be for naught. 



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