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Is Your Pet Living Their Best Life After Passing Away?

By Souls of Silver

All the thoughts presented here are from the experiences that I have had with departed pets, including my very own. Our late human counterparts and animals live in a dimension where they intermingle with one another. At the same time, they are also able to observe and visit us.

One of the most appropriate ways to put “Heaven” into words would be to term it as a dimension without the existence of death or life.

There is absolute harmony and absolutely no fighting. Every animal lives together in peace which parallels a passage in the Bible regarding the fawn lying beside the lion. All that they might ever need is given to them by their guardian angels. They have their distinct spaces. All they do is live the spiritual life that they were to live.

It is here that your beloved pet is, having the time of its life, in its young and youthful body, healthy again. They know that you loved them unconditionally and they come and see you in your low times and the times that you cry.

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Your beloved pet would be very happy to show you the place where they are. Only if you would have been able to see with their eyes, it would bring tears to your eyes.

A Unique Bond

In my lifetime, my dearest bonds are the ones I have had with animals. I had the ability to link with them and they could also communicate with me. With the development of my gift, I realized that I was actually able to interact with the departed. I started professionally by interacting with the departed human beings, following which, I began interacting with deceased pets. To my surprise, I realized that this was the area in which I was much more proficient. I could do it with ease.

The animals that are with us in the mortal world can see and communicate with those who are in the other world. But in spite of that, they still lament the loss of the mortal presence.

Animals are the authentic incarnations of love and do not have any karma that they require to pay. They are not reincarnated and even if they do, it is unlikely that we will be able to see them again. A lot of people are of the opinion that the pet that they have presently is the re-embodiment of their previous one.

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The Other Realm

A lot of times, it so happens that the older animals end up inducing their own habits into the younger ones. So it is when the older ones pass that we are very likely to notice those same habits in the younger ones due to the impression that the older one might have left.

Many individuals feel guilty because of having to put their pets to sleep, which is not true. Euthanasia is a very difficult decision for the guardians of a pet. But in the event your pet does not have the ability to live a good life anymore, the best thing to do in order to help them is to let them pass.

Their life in the other realm is a beautiful one. Your pet is definitely very happy there and waiting for you to join them someday.

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