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Feel the Vibration of Universal Love Through the Power of Prema

By Souls of Silver

As the world grows increasingly digital, the need for a loving global community becomes more important. Prema, a Sanskrit word, stands for universal love. It is a beautiful feeling of pure love that has the power of collective healing. Let’s dive deeper into what is universal and what it is capable of. 

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What Is Universal Love?

The goal behind universal pure love is for everyone to understand each other. It includes a lot of emotions that have the capability of global upliftment. It means joy, affection, delight, kindness, and completion. 

Love is a feeling that flows. As it flows from one person to another, it heals everyone. One major thing to remember about universal love is that it increases the more you practice it. It’s as simple as that. 

The concept of this pure love says that it is timeless. It’s not something that is limited to a place or time. It flows throughout history. The joy, kindness, and happiness that one spreads enrich everyone. This is the best thing about it! It heals people. And right now, collective healing is more important than ever. 

When Is Pure Love Born?

universal love

Pure love can be born anytime and at any place. For instance, if you have helped a stranger, without any selfish intention, pure love is born. If you truly commit to someone, for better or worse, true love is born. When you look at a piece of art, and your heart melts, pure love is born.

Pure universal love is basically what touches your heart and is capable of touching someone else’s. 

How Can You Create Pure Universal Love In Tough Times?

The above-mentioned instances come easily. A stronger form of universal love is created during tough times. 

Imagine you are having a rough day, and someone shouts at you for no fault of yours. What is universal love then? Well, these are times when you can create stronger forms of pure Prema. 

Restrain your anger and try to understand why that person went off the hook. Maybe that person is having a particularly rough day too. Reach out to that person even though you were treated unfairly. When you do that, you create a safe space for everyone to heal. Sometimes, loving can be tough. But, the Prema born during tough times is the ones that are the most effective and long-lasting. 

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Universal love is always present. We only need to reach out. Sometimes, we might not be about to see and feel this love. It’s because we lose clarity in the chaos of life. Take a break when you feel like you are not in touch with your inner self. Do what makes you feel good and the most in touch with yourself. Universal love is just a step away. 

Remember the happy times when you felt this pure love, and universal love will come to you. 



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