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Building Connections With Our Spirit Guides

By Souls of Silver

Everyone in this world is blessed with spirit guides. It is up to us to try and connect with them so that they can help us in finding the answers that we seek. They will be there for us at the best and at the worst moments of our lives, offering their help every step of the way. All we need to do is reach out and ask for guidance.

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How To Connect With Your Spirit Guides

1. Just Ask

Get used to requesting them for their guidance. Most of us don’t realize the wealth of support the universe has given us. List out the things you need help with and call to your spirit guide for assistance. Begin by expressing gratitude for all that you are sure to receive. When you call them, do it truthfully and compassionately. They are there for you every hour of every day, but you need to ask for the right kind of guidance to get the right kind of energy in return.

2. Start Listening

By meditating, you will find the silence you need to make your spirit guide’s wise words audible to you. Let your energy be loving and peaceful so that it vibrates at the same frequency as the communications you will receive. All this requires ten to twenty minutes of simply meditating and staying mindful.

3. Writing Together spirit guides

When you’re done meditating, get a notebook and start writing. First write a line of gratitude inviting your spirit guide to come to you, then just let the words fall from your pen as they come. There are also some exercises you can try to make this easier. If you start referring to yourself in the second person, it is a sign that your guide is actually speaking through you to give you the help you need.

4. Getting A Sign

Sometimes your guides may amuse themselves by leaving indications of their presence. You can ask them to leave some kind of sign that you’ll recognize. If this is something you haven’t tried ever, you can always check out this blog to read more about asking for signs. There’s nothing quite like getting signs from your spirit guides, so prepare to be amazed.

5. Be Attentive

Receiving guidance and recognizing it for what it is can be a wondrous thing. All the love and beauty in this world will become visible to you if you’ll allow yourself to see it. But you can’t just demand to see it. A spirit guide can reach out at any time, and if you’re not paying attention, you might miss their message.

6. A State Of Thankfulness

While you express your need for a guide, you also need to show that you are thankful for their existence. Don’t rage at them because their help isn’t obvious to you. Be grateful and appreciative. Give them your love, let their love surround you, and guide you. Offer them silent prayers of thanks whenever you can.

7. Stay Trusting

Don’t worry, because your guides know you better than you know yourself. They know what you need to be happy, so don’t keep them from doing their job. Just let go, and trust them to get it right for you. They’ll lead you exactly where you need to go.

8. Nurture Your Inner Child

spirit guides

Most of us were aware of the presence of guides as children but we lose that ability as we grow older and we need to relearn that. Just like you did when you were younger, do whatever makes you happy. Be it playing on swings, swimming, coloring, baking, whatever – just do it. When you’re full of joy, your guide will start seeking you out.

9. Learn Their Name

This isn’t a necessary step but sometimes you may have this urge to know a guide’s name. If you’re feeling this way, don’t hesitate to ask them. The name that first crosses your mind is their name. Even if it doesn’t sound normal to you, rest assured that it is what it is.

10. Have Faith

Trust in your abilities to reach out to your guide. Have faith that if you call, they will come to offer you the guidance you seek. Trust in the love that always surrounds you to lead you to the right answer. If you believe in yourself, you’ll surely be able to sense your guides when they’re nearby.

With all the darkness and chaos in this world, we need the help of our guides to find the light within us. So reach out, and you will not be disappointed.

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