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What Is A Twin Flame Relationship And How To Make It Work?

By Souls of Silver

Many people are still confused about the term Twin Flame. They often use the more common term soulmate and think of the term ‘Twin flame’ as just some intellectual jargon substitute of soulmate. But that is not true. 

A soulmate is someone who can understand you properly and is made out of the same energy as you. Hence, you can connect with your soulmate easily, since you and your soulmate are created of the same energy. But a Twin Flame is completely different

It has been theorized that our soul, in the very beginning, was split into two parts. These two parts are always magnetically pulling each other closer. When you do get close to the other part of the soul, you can form intense friendships, and even form a lasting relationship with them. 

Twin Flame relationship

Twin flames are quite rightly called mirror souls or soul connections. This is because the Twin Flame is like a reflection of you and is a mirror to your own soul. Hence, when you come across such a person, you end up recognizing them completely. As if they were you. On top of that, you will also come face to face with your hidden flaws. Just like how a mirror shows the blemishes on your face, a Twin Flame will reveal who you are.

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Plato And The Twin Flame

If you look into the history of the Twin Flame, you will find out that the theory of Twin Flames was first mythified by Plato in his work called the Symposium. In the Symposium, Plato believed that human beings actually had two faces, four arms, and legs. But the gods thought that so many limbs and two heads would make humans more powerful than gods. And so, God split them into two. So, we have a Twin Flame that we search for throughout our lives. 

There are other hypotheses that say that Twin Flames are actually a part of a Soul Group. Soul Groups are people who are predestined to meet and have similar instinctual thoughts. It is like the embodiment of the other half of their soul. Twin souls can also be the souls who have reincarnated repeatedly across a number of lifetimes. 

What Are The Symptoms Of A Twin Flame

Now that you know what is a Twin Flame, you are probably wondering what are the symptoms of a Twin Flame. Twin Flame symptoms are generally the signs when a Twin Flame encounter begins. Here are some of these signs:

Knowing The Intentions Of The Other Person

Whenever you come across a twin flame, you will recognize that. You will almost instantly know what the other person is thinking or feeling.


Your interests will not be very different from each other. You might have similar hobbies and preferences. You might even love the same cuisine. Plus, you might find out that you have similar thoughts as well.


You will be really comfortable with the other person. You can be close with one another and touch each other, even platonically. 

Speaking Out Loud

You are much more comfortable speaking your mind. You can express your opinions properly without feeling the need to hold back.

Similar dreams

Sometimes, the similarities between the two of you can even reach metaphysical levels. You might even end up having the same dreams on the same night too.

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Twin Flame Relationships Twin Flame relationship

It is clear that when Twin Flames meet, their meeting can be quite intense in nature. You will have a lot to unpack. However, this intensity can start off with a wonderful friendship and end up in a passionate romance. If you end up falling in love with your Twin Flame, then you are in for a perfect love life. It is more than falling in love with yourself. It is like a learning lesson to better yourself along with your twin flame partner – a part of your own soul. 

Since you will be interacting with your mirror self, you will be more aware of your flaws and will always try to correct them. Similarly, your partner will understand their flaws through you and change themselves for the better. Your relationship will not be a static relationship. It will be dynamic, and there will be constant changes in your relationship. This is what makes Twin Flame relationships special.

What Is The Purpose Of Twin Flame Relationships?

Twin Flame relationships can be expressed as unconditional love, harmony, and balance. There are certain reasons why these relationships are so important to take place. 

Twin Flame couples have the tendency to reach out for a higher purpose. This could increase raising children, who can change the world. Or changing the world itself by developing an eco-conscious business.

One of the misinterpretations of a Twin Flame relationship is that such relationships try to complete one another. The soul becomes complete, as per many people, but that is just not true. In fact, what actually happens is that the partners start to grow during a Twin Flame relationship. They expand consciously, and they connect with each other on so many levels that it develops love and peace.

Plus, on a very personal note, such a relationship can help the partners understand the wholesomeness of one’s being. The wholesome state will help them realize the wholesomeness of the soul.

What Are The Signs Of A Twin Flame Relationship?

So, are you wondering whether you are already in a Twin Flame relationship or not? Well, there are certain pointers which you need to check to actually find out. Here are the signs:

  1. You might have seen in the movies, how when lovers meet time seems to stop still. Well, that is not completely untrue. When you are in a Twin Flame relationship, time seems to slow down for the two of you. It is as if the concept of time does not exist when the two of you are with one another.
  2. You feel like you were destined for one another. This feeling is instinctual – as if on meeting each other, you know your destiny.
  3. There will be an intense attraction with one another, almost like that of a magnet.
  4. Both of you are people with your inner strengths and weaknesses, but these traits will balance each other out.
  5. You will be sharing a lot of similar ideas and thoughts.
  6. Your Twin Flame will know every little bit about you and your dreams.
  7. While you might fight with one another, you will quickly forgive each other too.
  8. You are not only lovers to each other. You are also teachers and mentors to one another.
  9. Strange synchronicities will exist between you and your partner. Common synchronicity is the Twin Flame 1111. 1111 will often recur in your life. Like for example, you two might be meeting at 11/11 – that is, 11th November, or maybe at 11:11 hour.
  10. Both of you will have immense compassion extended towards each other and towards the world as a whole.

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Twin Flame Relationship Stages

Twin Flame relationship

While Twin Flame relationships can be extremely fulfilling, it is not easy to keep these relationships to last for long. You have to work hard to keep it working. This work can be deemed as a form of spiritual work as it will help you grow, and eventually, make you more mature in your relationship. 

These relationships generally undergo eight stages, which are the following:


This is the moment when you are truly wishing to meet with your flame. During this period, your mind is changing and slowly forming the ideal of the One. You are getting prepared to meet with the one soon enough.

Confronting The One

In this stage, you will come across your flame for the first time. This might not always be a physical encounter. You can even meet the one just in a dream or through a picture. Lucky ones can even meet them in real life for a brief moment. 


This is the moment when you actually fall in love with the person. You meet them and realize that they are the ones you were waiting for your whole life. Eventually, you fall madly in love with the said person. You might want to resist this relationship at first, but you cannot do so. Eventually, you have to give in, no matter what.

A Relationship Like A Fairy Tale

At first, the relationship will move forward as if it is a fairy tale. Everything that will happen during this time will feel like your dreams. It is your dream relationship, after all. Everything will seem perfect, and you would feel like nothing will change in such a perfect relationship.

The Turmoil

But a Twin Flame relationship is supposed to be changing all the time. It is a dynamic relationship, after all. The turmoil is introduced in your relationship during the stage when the intense love slowly starts to shed off. During this period, insecurities start to come up and trouble the calm waters of the relationship. Fears start to rise, and a strange unreal face of your partner will come up. You have to be a lot more accepting during this stage and start maturing in this relationship.

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The Runner and The Chaser

This is the most painful and exhausting stage of the Twin Flame relationship. Tensions in such a relationship are common, and sometimes, this relationship tensions grow so high that eventually, it ends up becoming the Runner and the Chaser phase. During this phase, one of the participants of the relationship becomes a Runner and tries to get out of the relationship. While the other chases the Runner, and thus, becomes the Chaser. The Chaser tries to make the Runner realize the virtue of the relationship and eventually draw the Runner back to the relationship.

The Surrender

At one point, the Runner gives in to the Chaser and surrenders. During this point, the mood of acceptance is created, and the participants become much more open to one another. 

Becoming One

Finally, the shadows which harmed the relationship are pushed away. Unity becomes whole, and the Twin Flames are more mature in the relationship. More mature stability returns, and now, they are able to lead a happy life with little conflict.

Thus, a Twin Flame relationship is extremely volatile at first. But if you stick to it, it will be extremely rewarding for you. 



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