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Are You Becoming A Hyper-Dimensional Being?

By Souls of Silver

On Earth, we are just three-dimensional beings. But when our planet transits and moves from this reality to a hyper-dimensional reality, then it will result in a kind of recalibration. This will bring in sensations which are completely different from what you normally feel. Sometimes, it will be really uncomfortable and you will start to notice changes in other people too. You will start detecting lies and manipulations going all around you. This will make you feel confused, but it won’t last long. You will enter into a different state and grow simultaneously. You will become a hyper-dimensional being.

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There are about twelve signs that show that you are a hyper-dimensional being:-

1. Natural Food

You are not attracted to synthetic food. You want natural food that will give you proper nutrition and help you regain harmony of soul, body, and mind. Your body will feel healthier after taking these food products.


2. Too Much Pain

Rest is important for our body. But oftentimes, we are so into work that we forget to take enough rest. But for you, when you are tired or going through a period of flu, you can feel very sick and your body aches a lot. You understand the importance of rest.

3. Past Is Important

You will be spending a lot of time reflecting on the past. The past is connected in a way that makes your present logical. So, whenever you are trying to put everything in a pattern, you reflect on the past so as to make something out of it.

4. Peaceful Existence

You do not like the presence of the crowd around you. You like to be at peace and do not like to be in a noisy place. There is solace in silence and solitude.

5. Healing

You are attracted to meditation or other healing practices. You are open to the world and can accept becoming a natural healer in the process.

6. Perception of Time

You perceive time in a different way. You can almost feel it going past you and in special occasions, you can feel it slowing down. These fluctuations are surprising as you are not seeing time the way you did before.

7. Truth

You don’t doubt the truth, but you don’t believe in falsehood either. The media and other platforms are showing part of the truth or complete lies and this makes you distrust the media. You would not believe in anything without proper research.

8. Corruption

You can understand when something is being paraded as good but is actually evil inside. You understand corruption, especially the political ones and hence, you don’t subscribe to strict political beliefs that easily.

9. Going For Introverts

You don’t like parties and other activities that disrupt your peaceful mind. Hence, you end up seeking people who are quiet and who would like to spend quiet times with you.

10. Toxic People

You can identify toxic people and you do not really need them in your life. They don’t bring any value to your personal development and you know that you can leave them.

11. Energy

You will come in contact with some new kinds of energy which may overwhelm you. It will be intense for you.

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12. Balance

You will have a balance in your life as you become a better person. You will feel like you have the power to do what you wanted and nothing can stop you if you put a mind to it.

So, are you on the way to becoming a hyper-dimensional being?

If you think that you are becoming a hyper-dimensional being, share this article with your friends and spread the good news.



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