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Protect Your Energy If You Are Extra Sensitive

By Souls of Silver

Whenever there is some kind of planetary shift or change, you will feel a bit tired or sensitive during those periods. But if you belong to the special group of empaths, then you will experience a completely new kind of feeling. As an empath, you will feel very anxious as you take up the energy changes that take place around you. You will feel your energy getting depleted and you will go through a lot of emotions during this time. As a result, you have to find a way to protect and save your energy so that not every bit of it is depleted. Here are a few ways in which you can save your energy:

1. Spend Your Time With Proper People

You have to spend your time with proper people especially when you are going through energy changes. It is during this period when you have to set your boundaries and learn to say no to others. You are exhausted and you don’t really need to say yes to everyone you meet. Also, you must make sure that you are not in any kind of toxic relationship or friendship, because that can take away your energy fast. Self-care is important and you have to make sure that you are caring enough for yourself.

2. Heart Chakra

Our heart chakra helps us deal with emotions and also helps us connect with other people. When you feel really down, then it is your heart chakra that might help you to bring balance. But during energy changes, your heart chakra does not work properly and you need to take some extra steps to protect it as much as you can. Try to wear a necklace which has a protective stone, amulet or crystal that can protect your heart chakra. The necklace is important for you, so make sure you value it enough. However, before you put your necklace on, make sure to keep the pendant in your hand and make a wish that it should protect you.

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3. Nature Heals

When there are energy shifts, you end up becoming stressed out. This will lead to a major amount of energy depletion. You will be sensitive and tired. Nature can be a remedy in such a situation. Go out and enjoy the peace of nature. Nature balances everything and has a wonderful healing power. You just have to drown yourself in the natural world and allow Nature to take care of yourself as much as she can.

4. Mantra Recitation

During energy shifts, you are afraid to go in public, because you are weak and vulnerable during this moment. We understand and so, you have to recite certain mantras to keep your mind distracted. It will also help you direct all your energy in a productive way. Say something like

“I’m confident to deal with these energy changes”

“I’m happy, safe, and secure. I will attract happiness”

“I feel very light and clear. I’m doing fine”

“I’m at peace with myself. Everything is going on perfectly.

“The shaft of white light is my shield. Nothing can harm me.”

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Be secure and do not worry about the energy shifts. You are strong enough to go through it.

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