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13 Unique Characteristics Of A Lightworker

By Souls of Silver

There are many among us who feel alone – different from others. It’s as if they were not meant to be in this world. People don’t understand them and often tend to call them ‘weirdo’. They go out of their way to help others but they do it because it’s in their nature – they don’t really connect with others.

We are lightworkers – born in this world with a purpose. While many people may not understand us – it is not their fault, we have to attend a higher calling which they do not hear. If you have any of these symptoms, then you are probably a lightworker too:-

1. Nobody Can Understand Who You Are

You don’t find yourself as difficult as other people see you. Nobody really gets what you try to say. You express something and yet people just receive it as something completely different. You don’t quite get what is wrong with them – or maybe what’s wrong with you.

2. You Know You Have A Purpose

There’s a purpose which you were born with. People may not understand it but your purpose is much greater than what people around you are doing. You are not meant for boring activities, you have a calling to attend.

3. You Don’t Back Away From Helping Others

You know what suffering feels like, so you naturally help people. Whenever there is someone looking for help, you go out of your way to offer them your helping hand. Because you know when people need something desperately.

4. You Have A Lot Of Empathy

You can feel what other people are going through. When people come to you with their problems, you feel like you are living in their heads, walking in their shoes, and seeing with their eyes. You hurt more, not because of yourself but for someone else. You provide your shoulder when someone needs to cry.

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5. You Are Always Hurt

Because of your empathy and your need to help others, you attract toxic people towards you. They hurt you but somehow you can’t leave them because the more you try to escape them, the more different versions of them come to you.

6. You Want To Go Vegan

You are more inclined towards having organic food. Not only can you understand the pain of humans but you can also understand the pain of animals and why they don’t deserve to die before their lifespan.

7. You Love Nature

Nature attracts you. As a lightworker, you can feel the natural energy of the trees and birds and they all conspire to reinvigorate you. Nature makes you feel refreshed and whole again. In the peace of nature, you gain the strength to start walking towards your destiny again.

8. You Know The Value Of Kindness

You put the needs of others before you. Sharing is caring is a motto that you go by. Kindness comes to you naturally. Your friends know that you are kind, that you help others, and they love you for that quality.

9. Death Is Natural To You

Everybody is afraid of death, but for you, death is a natural process – everything has to end. So, you don’t worry about death – it doesn’t frighten you at all.

10. Religion Makes No Sense

You don’t know the reason why we have religion. Religion never satisfied you. It made you feel like it causes more divisions than unity.

11. This Is Not Your Place

You are alone. No one seems to understand you. As a lightworker, you often feel like you don’t belong here. Your house is not your home.

12. You Don’t Go With The Flow

There is a life that many people follow – the mainstream life. But you were never affected by it. Celebrity, gossip, fashion trends – none of them were interesting for you. You are interested in something different – something higher than those petty things.

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13. You Love To Work For Society

You know that society needs help and because of your kindness and tendency to help others, you are present whenever society needs you. Social work is your passion. You don’t quite know why but you love doing it.

You may be different but know that you are needed and one day, the world will recognize you for your light. Be present, be different, and glow like a guiding angel. Be the lightworker you were born to be.

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