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The Spiritual Importance Of Ego: Is Ego Bad?

By Souls of Silver

One time or the other, you have been told how bad your ego is or how you should deal with it and stuff like that. In our general consensus, ego is a bad thing that we must overcome. It is quite obvious that ego is mostly seen as being synonymous with negativity. However, sometimes we forget about the spiritual importance of ego.

But Is It Really So?

However, such notions arise from a limited and biased understanding of ego. The problem is that whenever we think of ego, we think of it from a material perspective. Our ignorance compels us to overlook the immense spiritual importance of ego.

In fact, ego is very much responsible for an individual’s connection with God. Only by realizing the benefits of ego can we fully admire our spiritual, as well as, physical surroundings.

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What Science Suggests

In this regard, scientific research has shown a lot of bias. They have portrayed ego as one of the fundamental and root causes of our life’s problems. Ego is considered to be a force that often misguides us and lands us in trouble.

What Religion Says

For some, fostering ego is an act of disobedience towards the Divine. This is an absolute misunderstanding of ego. Worse still, it’s an inadequate understanding of the same.

Disharmony In Energy

It is obviously true that sometimes, due to some disharmony in the energies related to ego, we face many issues in our lives. It leads to problems in adapting with others and also makes us vulnerable. Yet, the egoistic energies are not limited to these negative energies.

Ego – Our Minister In Life

Actually, at many times, ego indeed protects us from a lot of our life’s hardships. Moreover, after all, it is we who act upon our lives and not our ego. We have to be aware of the direction our ego is taking and have to act upon it accordingly. That’s where the spiritual importance of ego comes in: as our guide.

Think of ego as an advisor to the king. When it comes to your life, you are the king and the final decision is always yours to take. In case we actually want to experience our life and not just live passively, we have to make decisions for ourselves.

Being one with your Ego

Positive ego energies are realized only when you strike the right balance with regard to your ego. When you achieve that, you’ll experience a new flux of concrete thoughts and ideas. This energy is absolutely necessary to ensure healthy relationships and success in life. They even help in settling the arguments that you have in your life.

Realizing the Divine

Even in terms of spirituality, we can fully realize the Divine only when we are on good terms with our ego. By honing the positive ego energies, we begin to fully appreciate our life. Through such appreciation, we begin to realize the truest essence of the wonders of the divine creator.

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So, basically, there are two extremities of the misconceptions regarding our ego. One says there is only ego and no divinity while the other believes that there is only divinity and no ego.

Well, both are mistaken. Ego is only as aware as you are. In itself, it’s neither good nor bad. It’s all a matter of how you balance the positive and negative ego energies in your life. But rest assured, the spiritual importance of ego is immense and we should not take it lightly.

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