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Why Do Powerful Women Always Attract Narcissists

By Souls of Silver

In case you have ever found yourself questioning, “Why was I so stupid?”- do yourself a favor and stop being so harsh on yourself. It is not about the things you might have done wrong which resulted in that awful relationship. It is the things you precisely did right which resulted in you becoming a target.

Just like most women and men, a narcissist is in the search for an individual that completes them. The qualities which make you a strong and independent woman are often reasons why these narcissists are attracted towards you. Being fit, professionally successful, financially secure, independent, and strong are things which make you extremely attractive. These are not flaws. You need to look for the red flags before getting attracted to someone.

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Narcissists, psychopaths, and sociopaths are attracted to good and powerful women. The reason is the binaries add passion and spice to an otherwise bland relationship. People are drawn to one another to make their life complete. One can crave for security, love, comfort, support and connection. Sometimes, these characteristics can be polar opposites.

Psychopaths And Narcissists Look For Women Possessing Positive Characteristics:

1. Your Capability For Love Is Greater Than Others

Individuals that suffer from antisocial disorders (narcissists, sociopaths, and psychopaths) often lack empathy. They have learned to only care for themselves and find it difficult to grasp the concept of caring for others. It is this issue which manifests itself into uglier forms leading them to lead lives without a shred of concern for anyone else.

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A woman who is open to love therefore becomes an easy target for such individuals. A person who has compassion, loyalty, and trust in a relationship becomes an energy source that these individuals can leech on. It is the inherent goodness in you that is extremely appealing for them to take undue advantage of.

There is no wrong in the way to love. You might be exploited but that does not mean you cannot do good. Keep your strength. They are the best thing about you!

2. You Are A Responsible And Reliable Individual

You become a target since you are an emotionally mature, reliable, and an assertive person. It is possible you grew up tending to your siblings or even taking care of an ailing parent, which make you a caring person by nature. You need some fun and adventure in your life instead of taking on even more responsibilities.

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Let go of the burden of responsibilities from time to time. Otherwise, it will take a toll on your well-being. You will not understand how to function without the crushing burden of responsibilities. Any freedom and breathing space you can give yourself is going to help you find a balanced individual to be in a relationship with.

3. You Are A Powerful Woman. You Are Powerful

Someone who is ambitious and holds a rather influential position is extremely striking to a narcissist. Powerful women are very often the subject of scorn and intimidation for weak men, but a narcissist is never afraid of such a person. A narcissist can mask himself as a caring, understanding, and well-balanced person.

Understand when you are mistreated. Unless you realize that someone is becoming an emotional burden and leeching onto your strengths, there is nothing you can do about it.

Don’t worry about finding an appropriate partner. The right one is out there if you’re looking. If you are not, then more power to you! Smash the patriarchy and bring it to its knees!

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