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Double Full Moon In Libra: Be Free And Make A Difference

By Souls of Silver

Have you ever felt like this is the end? Like this is where you stand and you can no longer move further? We all reach our saturation points and it isn’t the best of things. There will be a Full Moon in Libra on April 19, following the March 20th Full Moon. This rare event in the astrological calendar is called a Double Moon.

What Is So Great About The Double Moon?

The period of the Double Full Moon is solely saved for bringing the subconscious thoughts to the surface. If there is anything deeply buried in your mind, this period will make you confront it. The Double Moon can take a toll on your personal and professional relationships.

A relationship constitutes of two things – how you treat yourself and your feelings in the presence of others, like friends, family and even work acquaintances. On Friday, 19th April, the Full Moon shall take charge and it will stand opposite to the transformative power of Uranus. What does this cosmic alignment have in store for you? Craving ceaselessly for change, being extremely restless after tasting freedom and also taking impulsive plunges. Expect the unexpected when it comes to relationships. There will be a lot of pent up emotions and energy – do not let that unsettle you.

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Your Relationships Will Be Topsy-Turvy During The Double Full Moon

It is normal for you to want a major change in your life. There will be an innate desire to break out from the dreary pace of your daily life and do something out of the box. The Moon opposite Uranus will give rise to a lot of difficult but extremely important questions regarding your inter-personal relationships.

What will help you navigate these trying times? Flexibility and open-mindedness. While it is a period of rapid changes and exciting adventures, you must not let it get to your head. If it takes over you, you might become a rebel without a cause and jump into unnecessarily risky situations.


Keep Calm And Carry On

Your natural urge will be to count on your heart instead of your head. This can lead to complete chaos. Navigating relationships during this period is like walking on eggshells, be extremely careful and try to think logically before you act.

The freedom you get may become a disruptive force soon. Sudden changes in your path will lead to massive mood swings or even make you emotionally distant. This new behavior may hamper your familial bonds and also your professional connections. It can also bring you at odds with loving and taking care of yourself.

The New Moon on April 5 was a period of growth. You can realign your goals now and also enjoy the fruits of labor. Take baby steps towards the ideal state of being that you desire and you will be fine.

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Let Us Be Crystal Clear About The Sunstone

Once you reach your saturation point, you feel stagnant and lack the energy to start afresh. Sunstone is the crystal of true inspiration that can help you move beyond this stage. The opportunities are endless but you need to be willing to see them and that is what the stone will do – give you a new perspective.

It is characteristic of your consciousness and power. The Double Full Moon is a time to reflect and make certain changes in order to live the life that you desire.


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