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What About Female Empaths Make Them So Hard To Attract Men

By Souls of Silver

Female empaths are considered to be the stronger of the empaths. Their skills and powers are much higher than your average empath, and what serves to be a curse and a boon at the same time is their proclivity to feel. Feel other’s emotions, and dive deep into their deepest secrets, that the other person has strived to protect. This results in them not really falling for any man, or being able to hold on to that man, because they feel emotionally, and emotions are one thing which are susceptible to daily interactions. While a man could be pretty furious at them at one point of time, owing to their empathy, they would feel it twice as much, and would be unable to shake the feeling, that the man doesn’t need her anymore. She could be wrong, but the heart doesn’t believe twice.

Following are some of the reasons why it is hard for an empath woman to hold on:

1. Sure of Their Wants

They know exactly what their heart wants. They know, they believe in themselves and they don’t need any man to bring it for them, or choose for them. And if they dare to choose, hell hath nothing on a woman scorned.

2. Intense and Passionate

They are intense beings. They take every step, and follow through with their heart. They can’t bear their feelings and sentiments hurt by anyone, at any point of time. They love passionately, and expect to be loved passionately.

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3. Complex

Empaths are always thoughts to be creatures that can’t control their powers, and only strive to gain power over people. This is highly prejudiced, and the woman wants nothing more to hold onto someone, and love them with her heart.

4. Emotional Contentment

They don’t care just for physical needs. They need their emotions, their feelings satisfied, and taken care of. They need to know that you love them with your heart, and are never gonna leave them. They need to hear it, hear it from your mouth, and hear it again.

5. Honesty

They are honest to boot. They don’t understand or realize that they can hurt you with their honesty, but it is their nature to be honest and never deceive. This can be a problem sometimes, for no one wants to be criticized on their face, all the time.

6. Independence

They don’t expect to be caged by you. You need to let go at times, and let them have their space, which can be a bit of a problem, because they also need you to satisfy them emotionally, which is simply, paradoxical.

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7. Taking Things To Heart

They tend to take things very personally, owing to their nature. It might have been a joke directed at them, in the intention of harmless fun, but it affects them in more ways than one, and then, they end up being hurt, and miserable throughout the day, and keep thinking of it.

8. Perceiving Depths

They are so keenly observant, that you would be an open book before them, for them to know you like the back of their hand. They would know your best, as well as your worst, and they might be your lover, but they would never comply to your bad habits, and help you grow into a better human being.

9. Reliance

An empath lives a lonely life, even while surrounded by people. This means that they are virtually strangers even to the people they might be family with. In this alien world, they need someone they can reveal themselves to; open up to. This reliance, this dependence works both ways, and at the end of the day, they want you to rely on them too.

Now that you know about female empaths what do you feel about them? And also, do you consider yourself to be one? Share this article with your friends and family to share facts about female empaths. Till then, Love and Light!



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