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Mercury Retrograde In July-August 2018; Here’s How Leos Should Gear Up

By Souls of Silver

A retrograde happens when any planet seems to give an impression of moving in reverse from our view point on Earth. It does not really move in reverse, it just gives that idea. Mercury moves backward and is retrogressive in nature. It retrogrades frequently, around thrice each year, and goes on for half a month. At the point when a planet moves backwards, it shifts its position and regulation.

Most often a storm and a shadow are experienced when mercury retrogrades. The time frame of shadow begins when Mercury enters a zodiac sign and comes to an end when it slowly moves out of it. However, many people remain oblivious to the impacts of the retrograde till the point it passes into the storm time frame. The storm slot of Mercury moving in reverse is when it moves most sluggishly. Mercury is known to be the planet that moves at a great speed, but retrogressive as it is, it hates when it moves at a slow pace. Usually there are two storm time slots, one when Mercury starts moving backwards one when it runs its natural course.

The retrograde that we are talking about starts on the 26th of July at around 1:02 AM ET and will come to an end on the 19th of August at around 12:25 AM ET this year. The shadow and storm time period is 7th of July-2nd September and 17th of July- 4th of August respectively.

This year Mercury retrograde is going to come to pass in the zodiac sign Leo. There is a going to be a lot of show and showiness so you better brace yourself up for much drama. This retrograde of Mercury in Leo is sure to transform the easily overlooked details into enormous ones and behaving as if everything is apocalyptic. We are somewhat edgy for consideration sometimes, and this can influence us to behave in an excessively sensational manner, making it almost impossible to get that consideration. We require a certain amount of love and tenderness. We have to make sure to be gentle to ourselves and think about other’s emotions and necessities too.

Leo dominates what and whom we adore; in that case we might have to concentrate more on the matters of relationship and affection along with some spare-time activities. We may need more opportunity for entertainment and fun, keeping aside our work meanwhile, our youngsters may require more consideration and act more defiant, past love interests may return and present flares may search for some recharged sparkles. Innovative release can be exceptionally useful at whatever point Leo is included. So it is suggested to set aside a few minutes for your leisure activities in sound and constructive ways.

The collision of Mercury retrograde is happening with Mars retrograding in Aquarius, Uranus retrograding in Taurus, Jupiter retrograding in Scorpio.  We (Leos) might have to be cautious because the energy is going to be pretty strong and there are good chances of our behaving in a stubborn way and ending up being frustrated. Until the point that Mars moves out of Aquarius and enters into Capricorn, we must shield ourselves from stalling out and remaining as such, and allow our brains and hearts to open.

In the first half of the period 29th July- 30th August, some additional energy can be seen then and we can be disappointed, irritated and insane. Relax! The retrograde starts at 23 degrees Leo, so those born between 14th of August and 18th of august are going to feel the effects of retrograde. When the retrograde closes at 11 degrees Leo, those conceived between 2nd August – and 6th might feel the ending of the retrograde.

Two eclipses are expected to occur during this retrograde- lunar on 27th of July and solar 11th August. During the lunar occultation we are going to be a lot more sentimental and we have to open up for communication and comprehension. Solar occultation is going to make the complicated things a bit difficult on the other hand in the case of other things, solution can be figured out. Leos, do whatever it takes to not to surrender to the show, utilize innovative energy further for bolstering your good fortune, and keep travelling through the vitality.

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